CDL 2020: Prestinni Florida Mutineers Player Profile For Call of Duty League 2020

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Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson is an SMG Support for Florida Mutineers. The 21-year-old American will feature as part of the Florida franchise in the Call of Duty League (CDL) 2020 Season.

Prestinni is best known for his long stint with eUnited where he won the World Championship in 2019.


Prestinni's teamed with his twin brother, Arcitys, for the duration of his stint on eUnited. It was at the start of this period, during Infinite Warfare, where he first made it on the scene; Prestinni has won over $450,000.

Here's Prestinni's player profile for the CDL 2020 season.

CDL 2020 Season

For the debut season of the Call of Duty League, Havok will be a part of the Florida Mutineers - the team consists of:

  • Chance "Maux" Moncivaez
  • Colt "Havok" McLendon
  • Cesar "Skyz" Bueno
  • Bradley "Frosty" Bergstrom
  • Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson

With the CDL 2020 season yet to start, no offline tournaments have taken place yet. However, Havok has played in a number of online tournaments.


Prestinni won the Subliners New York Open 2019 with Arcitys, aBeZy, Maux and Cellium.


Major Achievements

The following achievements feature all offline tournaments only.

Prize pool represents the total amount the team earned.

Game Event Date Place Prize Team
BO4Call of Duty World League Championship 201918-08-20191st$800,000eUnited
BO4CWL Pro League 2019 Playoffs21-07-20191st$500,000eUnited
BO4CWL Pro League 201905-07-20191st-2nd$89,375eUnited
BO4CWL Anaheim 201916-06-20195th-6th$15,000eUnited
BO4CWL London 201905-05-20192nd$80,000eUnited
BO4CWL Fort Worth 201917-03-20193th-16th$0eUnited
BO4CWL Las Vegas Open 201909-12-20182nd$60,000eUnited
WWIICall of Duty World League Championship 201819-08-20184th$80,000eUnited
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 2 Playoffs29-07-20184th$40,000eUnited
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 219-07-20183rd-4th$12,500eUnited
WWIICWL Anaheim Open 201817-06-20189th-12th$0eUnited
WWIICWL Seattle Open 201822-04-20183rd$32,000eUnited
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 1 Playoffs08-04-20185th-6th$20,000eUnited
WWIICWL Birmingham Open 201801-04-201813th-16th$0eUnited
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 122-03-20187th-8th$12,500eUnited
WWIICWL Atlanta Open 201811-03-20185th-6th$8,000eUnited
WWIICanadian Championship Series 2018 National Final04-03-20182ndC$13,000eUnited
WWIICWL New Orleans Open 201814-01-20185th-6th$8,000eUnited
WWIICWL Northern Arena Showdown 201812-12-20172nd$10,000eUnited
WWIICWL Dallas Open 201810-12-20175th-6th$8,000eUnited
IWCall of Duty World League Championship 201713-08-20175th-6th$55,000eUnited
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 2 Playoffs30-07-20173rd$80,000eUnited
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 223-07-20171st-4th$12,500eUnited
IWCWL Anaheim Open 201718-06-20179th-12th$0eUnited
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 1 Playoffs28-05-20175th-6th$20,000eUnited
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 114-05-20171st-4th$12,500eUnited
IWCWL Dallas Open 201719-03-20172nd$48,000eUnited
IWCWL Paris Open 201719-02-201713th-16th$0eUnited
IWCWL Atlanta Open 201712-02-20171st$80,000eUnited
IWCWL Las Vegas Open 201718-12-20169th-12th$0GosuCrew
BO3Call of Duty World League Championship 201604-09-201617th-24th$15,000Apotheon Esports
BO3MLG Orlando Open 201607-08-20169th-12th$0Apotheon Esports




Team History

  • Florida Mutineers - Maux, Havok, Skyz, Frosty (December 2019 - Present)
  • eUnited - SiLLY, Arcitys, Gunless, Clayster, FeLo, JKap, aBeZy, Simp (December 2016 - December 2019)
  • GosuCrew - Arcitys, Gunless, DraMa (November - December 2016)
  • FLARE eSports - Gunless, Mayhem, Arcitys (September - November 2016)
  • Apotheon Esports - Stumpfy, Arcitys, Destiny, Mayhem (June - September 2016)
  • EZG eSports West - Arcitys, Kazmo, Muniebro (January - March 2016)
  • MoMentuM Gaming 


Prestinni's History

Black Ops 3


Prestinni came into the COD esports scene during Black Ops 3 with EZG eSports West. With Arcitys, Kazmo and Muniebro, the team qualified for the pA League Season 1 - they then went on to with the Regular Season and the playoffs.

Once the twins turned 18, they teamed with Stumpfy and Destiny (under Apotheon Esports) for the MLG Orlando Open 2016; a good first performance landed them a top twelve finish. Their next event was COD Champs 2016, where they replaced Destiny with Mayhem, finishing top twenty-four.

Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare was a huge breakout year, placing in the money 7/10 tournaments.

Prestinni's first event of the year was with Arcitys, Gunless and Drama with the GosuCrew. This great performance was noticed by SiLLY, picking up everyone (except Drama) to join eUnited

The roster of SiLLY, Acitys, Prestinni and Gunless had a fine year placing second in Dallas and top four of the Stage 1 Pro League.

However, there wasn't enough success, Gunless benched himself and was traded for Clayster. The team again placed in the top four for the Stage 2 Pro League, third at the playoffs and top six at COD Champs 2017.



WWII proved to be a tough year for Prestinni and his team. A consistent top 6 placement meant time for change. SiLLY left to make way for FeLo, with SiLLy ending up on Evil Geniuses (eventual COD Champs winners).

Results immediately improved, placing third at the Seattle Open. They went on to place fourth at the Stage 2 Playoffs and COD Champs 2018.


Black Ops 4

eUnited made a few changes as the game transitioned to a five-man squad, with Felo leaving for Evil Geniuses and JKap joining alongside aBeZy.

The squad finished second at the first event of the year, Las Vegas, but it was quickly forgotten after a top 16 finish at Fort Worth.


Simp's incredible performance at the Forth Worth open, coupled with the fact that he was now 18, meant he received the nod to join the main lineup.

From here eUnited soared as they came second in London, sixth at Anaheim, finished first in their Pro League division and claimed the championship at the Pro League playoffs.

It was topped off by winning the Call of Duty Championship for 2019; Clayster's second career World Championship.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91