CDL 2020: Jurd London Royal Ravens Player Profile For Call of Duty League 2020

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Jordan "Jurd" Crowley is an SMG player London Royal Ravens. The 24-year-old Irishman will feature as part of the London franchise in the Call of Duty League (CDL) 2020 Season.

Jurd is best known for his aggressive gameplay and domestically one of the most successful Call of Duty players in Europe.

Jurd made a name for himself during Black Ops 2, playing under Epsilon Esports where he finished top six at COD Champs 2013, after winning the European Regional Final. Jurd has earned over $250,000 in prize money.

Here's Jurd's player profile for the CDL 2020 season.

CDL 2020 Season

For the debut season of the Call of Duty League, Jurd will be a part of the London Royal Ravens - the team consists of:

  • Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall
  • Rhys "Rated" Price
  • Dylan "Dylan" Henderson
  • Bradley "Wuskin" Marshall
  • Rhys "Rated" Price

With the CDL 2020 season yet to start, no offline tournaments have taken place yet.


Major Achievements

The following achievements feature all offline tournaments only.

Prize pool represents the total amount the team earned.

Game Event Date Place Prize Team
BO4Call of Duty World League Championship 201918-08-201913th-16th$25,000Splyce
BO4CWL Pro League 2019 Playoffs21-07-20197th-8th$18,750Splyce
BO4CWL Pro League 201905-07-20195th-6th$71,875Splyce
BO4CWL Anaheim 201916-06-20197th-8th$7,500Splyce
BO4CWL London 201905-05-20199th-12th$80,000Splyce
BO4CWL Fort Worth 201917-03-20192nd$80,000Splyce
BO4CWL Las Vegas Open 201909-12-20183rd$40,000Splyce
WWIICall of Duty World League Championship 201819-08-201817th-24th$12,500Splyce
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 219-07-201813th-14th$12,500Splyce
WWIICWL Anaheim Open 201817-06-20189th-12th$0Splyce
WWIICWL Seattle Open 201822-04-201817th-20th$0Splyce
WWIICWL Birmingham Open 201801-04-20182nd$48,000Splyce
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 122-03-201811th-12th$12,500Splyce
WWIICWL Atlanta Open 201811-03-201813th-16th$0Splyce
WWIICWL New Orleans Open 201814-01-20189th-12th$0Splyce
WWIICWL Dallas Open 201810-12-20172nd$48,000Splyce
IWCall of Duty World League Championship 201713-08-20177th-8th$35,000Splyce
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 2 Playoffs30-07-20177th-8th$10,000Splyce
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 223-07-20175th-8th$12,500Splyce
IWCWL Anaheim Open 201718-06-20172nd$48,000Splyce
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 1 Playoffs28-05-20171st$200,000Splyce
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 114-05-20175th-8th$12,500Splyce
IWCWL Dallas Open 201719-03-20174th$16,000Splyce
IWCWL Paris Open 201719-02-20175th-6th$4,000Splyce
IWCWL Atlanta Open 201712-02-20177th-8th$4,000Splyce
IWCWL Las Vegas Open 201718-12-20169th-12th$0Splyce
BO3Call of Duty World League Championship 201604-09-20169th-12th$30,000Millenium
BO3EU CWL Pro Division 2016 Stage 2 Playoffs17-07-20161st$52,000Millenium
BO3Gfinity Summer Masters 201603-07-20163rd-4th£1,500Millenium
BO3MLG Anaheim Open 201612-06-201617th-20th$0Millenium
BO3ESWC 201608-05-20164th$4,000Millenium
BO3Crown Melbourne Invitational 201603-04-20162ndA$15,000Millenium
BO3EU CWL Pro Division 2016 Stage 1 Playoffs27-03-20161st$52,000Millenium
BO3EGL Open London 201606-03-20163rd-4th$2,500Millenium
BO3SFCO BOIII 221-02-20161st€2,500Millenium
BO3AM 2 Pro Peterborough29-11-20151st£1,000Millenium
AWMLG World Finals 201518-10-20154th$20,000Team Envy
AWMLG Pro League 2015 Season 3 Playoffs20-09-20159th-12th$8,000TCM-Gaming
AWUMG Washington DC 201506-09-20159th-12th$0TCM-Gaming
AWGfinity Summer Championship 201502-08-20159th-12th$0TCM-Gaming
AWUMG Dallas 201502-07-20155th$2,000TCM-Gaming
AWMLG Pro League 2015 Season 2 Playoffs07-06-20157th-8th$3,000TCM-Gaming
AWGfinity Spring Masters 201510-05-20153rd-4th$2,500TCM-Gaming
AWCall of Duty Championship 201529-03-201517th-24th$0TCM-Gaming
AWCall of Duty Championship 2015 North America Regional Final08-03-20152nd$2,500TCM-Gaming
AWUMG Orlando 201504-01-201517th-20th$0TCM-Gaming
GhostsESWC 201426-10-20145th-8th$0Epsilon Esports
GhostsInsomnia5223-08-20141st£2,000Epsilon Esports
GhostsGfinity 324-08-20142nd$15,000Epsilon Esports
GhostsEGL 13 Blackpool27-07-20141st$2,250Epsilon Esports
GhostsLVP EuroMasters Cup 201429-06-20141st€ 2,800Epsilon Esports
GhostsMLG Anaheim 2014 International Playoffs22-06-20145th-8th$2,925Epsilon Esports
GhostsEGL 12 Sheffield04-05-20141st£2,400Epsilon Esports
GhostsInsomnia 5120-04-20141st£0Epsilon Esports
GhostsCall of Duty Championship 201430-03-20149th-12th$35,000Epsilon Esports
GhostsCall of Duty Championship 2014 US Regional Final09-03-20142nd$0Epsilon Esports
GhostsMLG Fall Championship 201324-11-20139th-12th$0Epsilon Esports
BO2ESWC 201303-11-20133rd$4,000Epsilon Esports
BO2EGL 11 London27-10-201313th-16th$1,437Epsilon Esports
BO2Gfinity 213-10-20132nd$15,000Epsilon Esports
BO2Insomnia4925-08-20132nd£750Epsilon Esports
BO2EGL 10 Sheffield11-08-20135th£350Prophecy
BO2Dreamhack Valencia 201320-07-20131st€2,500Epsilon Esports
BO2MLG Spring Championship 201330-06-201317th-24th$0Epsilon Esports
BO2SkyLAN 119-05-20131st€ 2,400Epsilon Esports
BO2Call of Duty Championship 201307-04-20136th$50,000Epsilon Esports
BO2EGL 9 Blackpool31-03-20133rd£900Epsilon Esports
BO2Call of Duty Championship 2013 Europe Regional Final17-03-20131st$5,000Epsilon Esports
MW3EGL 7 Blackpool05-08-20123rd£1,0504Kings
MW3EGL 5 Blackpool08-04-201217th-24th£0G8

Team History

  • London Royal Ravens - Skrapz, Rated, Dylan, wuskin (September 2019 - Present)
  • Splyce - Bance, Joshh, MadCat, Zer0, Tommey, FeLo, Loony, Accuracy, AquA, Temp, Nolson, Huke (September 2016 - September 2019)
  • Millenium - Tommey, MadCat, Swanny, MiRx (November 2015 - September 2016)
  • Team Envy - Loony, JKap, Goonjar (October 2015)
  • TCM-Gaming - Moose, GunShy, ShAnE, MadCat, ACHES, TeePee, FEARS (November 2014 - October 2015)
  • Epsilon Esports - ShAnE, Swanny, Xanity, GunShy, MadCat, Tommey, Flux, Joshh (August 2013 - November 2014)
  • Prophecy - GunShy, XLNC, MadCat (July - August 2013)
  • Epsilon Esports - McGee, LuCkY, XLNC, Sowerz, Xanity, ShAnE, MadCat (March - July 2013)
  • 4Kings - Momo, Pascoe, McGee, (2012)


Jurd's History

Modern Warfare 3

Jurd made his LAN debut during Modern Warfare 3 with UK Call of Duty veterans Richie, Concept and Flux.

Despite not placing well, he was picked up by 4Kings and attended two LAN events that year. Alongside Momo, Pascoe and McGee, they placed third at EGL 7.


Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 was where Jurd really made a name for himself, at the COD Champs 2013 European Regional Final.

Competing under Epsilon Esports, Jurd, McGee, LuCkY and XLNC won the tournament and secured their place at COD Champs.

The team went on to place third at EGL 9, behind Clouds and the eventual COD Champs winners Fariko Impact.

After placing sixth at COD Champs 2013, the team was overhauled with 3/4 former Clouds members joining Jurd (ShAnE, MadCat, Xanity). Joshh was not picked up as he was seen as the weaker player at the time.

The team were domestically a force to be reckoned with as they won SkyLAN and Dreamhack Valencia; including a second-place at Gfinity 2.

They were within the top three for the rest of the season alongside Prophecy and Team Infused.



The team stuck together for the early stage of Ghosts, placing top twelve at the MLG Fall Championship 2013.

With MadCat now turning 18, he was eligible to compete at COD Champs 2014 and decided to leave for TCM-Gaming; starting a long-running feud between the two teams.

TCM and Epsilon would meet in the regional finals, with Flux leaving TCM to join Epsilon; TCM went on to win the tournament.

COD Champs 2014 didn't go to plan for either team, with both finishing top twelve.

Epsilon's domestic reign was back on track, after picking up Joshh they went on to win five titles; including a second-place finish at Gfinity 3.



Advanced Warfare

With Ghosts coming to an end, Jurd left Epsilon to join TCM and their first outing at Insomnia 53 led to defeat at the hands of his former team.

TCM had big plans for the year, they would be the first European team to move to the US and be a part of the MLG Pro League in a bid to bridge the gap between the UK and US players.

It failed to have the desired effect as they were still unable to topple the top teams at major events and were still falling to UK rivals Epsilon.

GunShy decided to retire during the season and MadCat filled his place, but his tenure was short-lived due to internal conflict.

The team then decided to create the first official European-American hybrid squad. The long-time duo, ACHES and TeePee, joined Moose and Jurd.

Despite a fifth-place finish at UMG Dallas 2015, again internal conflict ran rampant and the team dropped Moose for FEARS; producing no results.

For the final event of the year, Jurd was loaned to Team Envy - he placed fourth with JKap, Loony and Goonjar.


Black Ops 3

Jurd returned home for the Black Ops 3 season and joined French organisation Millenium; teaming with Tommey, Swanny and MadCat.

Millenium was seen in the same light as OpTic Gaming domestically, as they rarely lost a tournament - winning five titles in the season.

Internationally, they also faired well as they placed second at the Crown Melbourne Invitational and fourth at ESWC 2016.

It would be wrong to say that their season was flawless, the latter half of the year saw them drop a few tournaments to teams such as Splyce at the Gfinity Summer Masters 2016.

When it came time for COD Champs 2016, Swanny was unable to attend due to personal reasons. This left Millenium with limited options just days before the tournament.

The team grabbed MiRx as their fourth and despite being a great player, he was unable to fill in the hole Swanny had left or replicate the same cohesion in such a short time; they placed top twelve.


Infinite Warfare

Splyce signed Jurd and he was joined by long-time duo MadCat and Josh, as well as Bance.

The team performed well, given that this season was no longer supporting region-based competitions; events were now on a global scale.

Apart from the opening tournament in Vegas, they placed within the money in every competition they participated in.

Despite placing fourth at Dallas, the team removed Joshh in favour of Zer0 - they immediately went on to place second at CWL Birmingham.

The team were also the first European team to win an international tournament since TCM-Gaming at EGL 8 (back in Modern Warfare 3) as they won the CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs.



WWII saw the departure of Zer0 and the introduction of Tommey.

The team's debut event saw them place second at Dallas, behind Team Kaliber.

It was a tough season for the four, resulting in few moments to brag about. Another second place at CWL Birmingham was a major highlight.

The team swapped Tommey for Joshh, but it didn't solve their issues; placing top twenty-four at COD Champs 2018.

Black Ops 4

With Call of Duty transitioning to five-man squads, Jurd stuck with Splyce and picked up Accuracy, Loony, AquA and Temp.

The squad placed third at CWL Las Vegas and second at CWL Fort Worth.


Despite a good start and a great team, they never reached their full potential and results were rarely going their way. They placed top sixteen at COD Champ 2019.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91