Warzone: Why Haven't The Footsteps Been Fixed?

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Warzone despite being a great way to spend your free time, isn't without its frustrations.

The most common one is regarding audio issues, particularly with enemy footsteps.


Is it time Infinity Ward addressed this glaring inconsistency?

Broken Audio

One Reddit user, u/babyarmnate, expressed their discontent about the poor audio:

"I literally just got killed by a dude with no dead silence who followed me through an open field for about 25m."


It's not an uncommon issue, for some reason enemy footsteps (particularly when being approached from behind) do not appear to be audible.

That isn't to say that the footsteps aren't audible at all, it's very inconsistent when and where footsteps can be heard. Some moments they are as loud as an elephant stampede and others they are as quiet as a mouse.


"They update every Tuesday with meaningless f****** playlist updates," he said. "I think I’m done with this game for a bit".


It's never good for the company when a player decided to call it a day due to a glaring issue that hasn't been resolved.

It's not a new issue and something that has caused issues since the Modern Warfare beta in September.

When you spend $200 on a headset, as this user has, you expect it to help you out and many users echoed this sentiment.