Warzone Season 5: Trains And Rook Teaser Could Hint At What's To Come

The first teaser for Season 5 has released courtesy of popular streamer NICKMERCS.

Infinity Ward sent a small video teaser of what's to come in Verdansk, but it's not just about what the video showed.

A Rook teaser that references past Modern Warfare lure has also surfaced.

Warzone Season 5 Train Teaser

As described, the new train teaser was revealed on NICKMERCS stream on the 20th July.

In the video, a helicopter is seen flying past from the POV of a stationary train at the Train Station POI.

It's been long speculated that a train would circle around Verdansk, allowing players to hop on and off the train that is reportedly filled with loot - certainly a quick way to navigate out of the gas that surrounds the battlefield.

Rumours have also speculated that Stadium would finally be opening and that the Bunker 11 Easter Egg may be related.


Rook Teaser/Easter Egg

What may have been missed by a lot of people, we included, is that the USB (containing the teaser) came in a Rook chess piece.

As pointed out by @ModernWarzone, Rook was a member of Task Force 141 in Modern Warfare 2, who was later killed by Shadow Company.

Shadow Company, who were an elite unit of private military contractors under the direct command of General Shepherd, don the Rook in their logo.

As we all know, they assisted in the betrayal of Task Force 141.

There's a lot this could mean - it could mean one of the new Operators is Rook, although we would have expected Soap to arrive first rather than a character that many probably didn't know existed.

It likely means that Task Force 141 is being reunited, as has been speculated for some time. Potentially, their rivals in this war have some relation to Shadow Company - could we see the return of General Sherpherd? Could he be working with Zakhaev?

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