Warzone Season 4: Why Have The Keycards Been Removed?

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Have you noticed that the key cards to Bunkers have gone?

If you didn't know, Key cards were quietly removed from Infinity Ward in recent weeks without any real acknowledgement.


Could the upcoming Season 5 be related?

Keycards Removed From Warzone

You may have not noticed, but the keycards found all over Verdansk have now been removed. These keycards were available for players to be able to access Bunker 11.

Bunker 11 was the first sighting of the Nuke and is likely to play a part in either the COD 2020 reveal or Season 5.


While teasers are starting to roll out for Season 5, including trains and an open Stadium, we're still in the dark as to what the bigger picture for the bunkers are.

Will we be able to gain access at a later date? Are these bunkers being updated? Perhaps they will all be opened once the nuke goes off?

@ModernWarzone notes that it has been a month since they were removed and we're still none the wiser on when they're coming back and what it means for the future of the game.