Warzone Season 4: Players Call Out For Changes To Gas Circle

Since its release, for the most part, Warzone has been incredibly well-received. Call of Duty's second major Battle Royale venture keeps players coming back for more, day after day.

But it's far from perfect and many community members are demanding a change is made regarding the gas circle in Warzone.

If you have ever experienced the frantic panic of running through the gas circle as the life drains from your soldier, you may have noticed that it's not actually as frightening as it should be.

In most Battle Royale games, being outside of the safe zone is an extreme disadvantage, but players are using it to turn a sticky situation into a successful one.

While it's not uncommon to use the circle to reposition, undetected, it's giving players an unusual visual advantage and players want to see a change in Season 4.

Community Wants To See Change To Gas Circle In Warzone

The gas, not only hurts your soldier while inside of it, but it should also impair your vision.

While this may be the case sometimes, it's not always consistent.

One Redditor uploaded footage of an unfortunate death they suffered. In the clip, u/coopzz97 is perfectly positioned in the safe zone with an opponent running through the gas.


From the Reddit user's POV, the gas engulfs his opponent and makes it almost impossible to see them. After getting some successful shots off, enough to break armour, the opponent quickly turns and obliterates u/coopzz97 - all with perfect vision.

The clip was met with an abundance of support, u/Khilijaz said "This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen in a BR. Being in the gas is supposed to [be] a disadvantage, not an advantage…”

This isn't the first time a player has taken to Reddit to express their discontent at the inconsistencies of the circle.

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Photo via @u/XRey360

u/XRey360 notes that the affected areas seem to be random. While gas effects in the real world may be random (and we're well aware Infinity Ward are aiming for a realistic shooter) this just adds more chaos, more inconsistency and even more luck in a skill-based game.

Recently, the final circle was changed to constantly move to promote active gameplay. When the final circle arrives it will shift to a different position, rather than continue to shrink.

A great feature to combat those that spam Recon contracts and get to sit in a building for the remainder of the game. But, with something as inconsistent as this, it can cause serious problems for players rotating.

Season 4 is a chance for big changes and it's time that this issue was changed to present a more consistent gas mechanic.

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