Modern Warfare And Warzone Weekly Update: 20th July - Reinfected Ground War, New Bundles, 3v3 Snipers-Only And More.

The new weekly briefing for Modern Warfare and Warzone has arrived!

As usual, there's plenty to cover and look forward to in Season 4.

This week features Reinfected Ground War, new bundles and a sniper-only 3v3 mode.

Let's check out what's happening in Call of Duty this week.

3v3 Snipers-Only Mode

3v3 Snipers-Only is coming to Call of Duty this week.

There's no better way to test your marksmen skills and improve your ability with the scope.

Group up with two other players and test whose sniper skills are the best.

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Courtesy of Activision

Reinfected Ground War

A large-map version of Ground War is being released this week.

Ground War has been a popular multiplayer mode throughout a number of Call of Duty titles.

The bigger the teams, the more intense the action will be.

This version will have a bigger map and allow players to utilise flanks, so always be aware of your surroundings.

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Courtesy of Activision

New Bundles

New bundles means more weapon skins and more customisation.

Let's check out the new bundles:

  • A new look for the Charly has been released with the 'Earth Expeditionary Force' bundle. This will also include don 'The Outrider' operator skin. Alongside a watch, weapon charm, calling card and emblem.
  • A new racer-inspired bundle is on its way. The 'Racing Series: Mach 8' bundle features red tracer blueprints for the autoclave SMG and Winner's Circle Handgun. Alongside this, the bundle includes two vehicle skins and a 'Start Your Engines' vehicle horn.

Another week, another two exciting and themed bundles to look forward to.

Duos Stimulus Playlist Cash Redeploys

No need to take on the Gulag this weekend in Warzone if you have enough cash.

If you have enough cash when you're eliminated, you'll automatically be redeployed into the match.

This will encourage a lot of fast-paced gameplay and exciting Warzone moments.

With no downtime, expect a frantic week of Warzone.

Check the full blog post here.

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