Call of Duty Summer Championship Predictions – Win A Signed Hoodie!

Comment with your Top 3 predictions and if you’re right, you could win an exclusive Gfinity signed hoodie! 

16 of the world’s best competitive Call of Duty teams will descend upon London, in the hopes of attaining the title of Gfinity Champion, as well as a slice of the substantial $100,000 prize pool. You can watch all the action live in London, at Gfinity’s own eSports Arena. Tickets are available to purchase now.

As the third largest prize pool in competitive Call of Duty history, the Gfinity Summer Championship welcomes a sense of pressure and excitement, only previously witnessed at the coveted Call of Duty Championship.

Therefore in celebration of the event, Gfinity have decided to host an equally memorable giveaway!

Join me, as I attempt to predict the top 3 placing teams at the Gfinity Summer Championship, and you can be in the chance of winning an exclusive Gfinity hoodie signed by the all of the amazing players and talent from our CoD Spring Masters!

Group Play Predictions

Similar to the Call of Duty Spring Masters, the Summer Championship will feature a dual-format group stage.

As a result, this means that the Top 2 placing teams within each respective group will progress into a single elimination bracket, while the bottom two teams will be eliminated from the competition.

All group matches, the quarter finals and the semi-finals will consist of a best-of-five series, while the Call of Duty Summer Championship Grand Final will consist of a best-of-seven series. 

Group A

OpTic Gaming – HyperGames – Team EnVyUs – VwS Gaming

1st: OpTic Gaming | Scump - Crimsix - Formal - Karma

2nd: Team EnVyUs | JKap - Loony - Aqua - Octane

3rd: HyperGames | MAxxie – TonyJ’s - Veziok - Melo

4th: VwS Gaming | Realize – Nolson - Jake - SunnyB

Group A plays host to one of the most storied rivalries in competitive Call of Duty history. The #GreenWall and the #BoysInBlue have been battling against each other since 2007 and understandably, both of the North American powerhouses are widely considered as the favourites to progress out of Group A.

Following their dominant performance over the Advanced Warfare competitive season thus far, OpTic Gaming are undoubtedly the front-runners to secure Group A.

Although both HyperGames and VwS have performed admirably within the European Pro League, finishing 3rd and 5th respectively, Team EnVyUs should realistically contain enough calibre to see off their European competition

Group B

FaZe Clan – Team Infused – Team Kaliber – Liquid Gaming

1st: FaZe Clan | Clayster – Enable - ZooMa - Attach

2nd: Team Kaliber | Sharp – Neslo - Nameless - Theory

3rd: Team Infused | MarkyB – Urban - LXT - QwiKeR

4th: Liquid Gaming | Pibo – Donnyy – Ko1gaa – Duke

As arguably the best competitive roster in the organisations history, FaZe have proven themselves as serious title contenders, having won their first event together, UMG Dallas. While many have already tipped the #RedMilitia as potential favourites to win the event, FaZe needs to first progress out of pool play, which they should achieve rather comfortably.

The second spot up for contention is a much closer affair, with both Team Kaliber and Team Infused looking to re-establish their presence within the international scene. Both organisations have received mixed results within their respective regions, yet are fully capable of performing amongst the best teams in the world.

While both tK and Infused enter the Gfinity Call of Duty Summer Championship with relatively new and equally talented rosters, I personally believe Team Kaliber’s greater experience will propel them over Infused and into second place. 

Group C

Team Elevate – Epsilon.EU – Rise Nation – IGI eSports

1st: Team Elevate | Slacked – Classic - Slasher - Replays

2nd: Epsilon.EU | Joee – Rated - Reedy - Madcat

3rd: Rise Nation | Chino – Apathy - Burns – Whea7s

4th: IGI eSports | Camboo – Sowerz -Vapez – Harleyy

Group C is one of the tougher pools at the Call of Duty Summer Championship, with each team posing a genuine threat for qualification into bracket play.

Similar to Group B, personally, I believe the top seed for this pool should be fairly straightforward, with Team Elevate securing the spot. Although Elevate will be using two pickups for the event, Slasher and Replays, each player understands what is required of them to succeed, and ultimately the roster contains enough talent to face off against most oppositions.

The second seed for Group C is a toss-up between Epsilon.EU and Rise Nation. Again, while both rosters possess equally talented players, I believe the home team, Epsilon, should hold an advantage over Rise Nation, considering this the first international event for the roster.

While IGI eSports will be neglected by many international fans, this roster has the potential to cause an upset within Group C, potentially altering the nature of who progresses into the next round. 

Group D

OpTic Nation – Vitality Storm – TCM Gaming – Spirit Gaming

1st: TCM Gaming | Moose – Jurd - Aches – TeePee

2nd: Vitality Storm | Watson – Peatie - Tommey – Joshh

3rd: OpTic Nation | MBoZe – Ricky - Mochila – MiRx

4th: Spirit Gaming | peLukaa – EupHo - FlexZ – FSammy

As arguably the Call of Duty Summer Championship ‘Group of Death’, Group D features 3 of the largest names in Call of Duty eSports.

TCM Gaming, Vitality Storm and Optic Nation are all world renowned rosters, containing multiple championship winning players. Therefore, as most people can agree, this group has the potential to take several different directions.

Personally, I believe out of these three international powerhouses, TCM Gaming are the most likely to finish top of their group, as Moose and Jurd return to the UK with the legendary partnership of Aches and TeePee.

As a result, I’m predicting (and hoping) for a CoD Spring Masters rematch between Vitality Storm and OpTic Nation. While both rosters have experienced changes since their last matchup, I’m sure there is enough fire left within these teams to make this encounter as intense as their previous one.

Although OpTic Nation came out on top when these two giants last met, I believe Vitality will return to London with the intent to seek revenge against the #GreenWall.

However, with an abundance of talent on offer within Group D, every team is capable of defeating each other.

Overall Top 8 Predictions 

Now that we’ve narrowed down the competition to a mere 8 teams, here comes the fun part. Predicting who will finish within the Top 3.

Here are my predictions: 

1st: OpTic Gaming

2nd: FaZe Clan

3rd: Team Elevate

4th: TCM Gaming

5-8thth: Team EnVyUs

5-8thth: Epsilon.EU

5-8thth: Vitality Storm

5-8thth: Team Kaliber

Within my final predictions, I’ve opted for an OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan and Team Elevate podium finish at the Call of Duty Summer Championship.

Do you agree with my predictions? If not, who do you believe will take home the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals?

Leave a comment below, and if you predict correctly, you could win an exclusive signed Gfinity hoodie! 

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