Call of Duty: New Warzone Season 5 Patch Adds Ziplines, a Moving Train, Map Changes, and Plenty More

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The Call of Duty publisher debuted a new trailer for Modern Warfare season five on August 3. The trailer confirms the introduction of ziplines and a fast-moving train to Warzone, along with a handful of exciting new multiplayer maps. “The stadium opens. The train arrives. And the battle expands,” the trailer’s YouTube description reads.

Season five’s scheduled to go live on Wednesday, August 5, and is also rumored to be the final content season before the series’s next annual release. New Call of Duty titles traditionally launch in October or November each year.


What’s New in Warzone

Much like World’s Edge in Apex Legends, the moving train will change Verdansk quite a bit, offering a quick way for players to get from one portion of the map to the next. It presents new dangers as well as another strategic variable to consider. It’ll be interesting to see how players factor in the train when dropping into a new match.

With ziplines, players who favor a lot of dirty fights and fast action have a new way to counter rooftop snipers. Camping on high may no longer be the surefire survival strat it was in earlier seasons. It looks like the dome on top of the sporting arena will be gone when season five drops, too, adding a large new area to the battlefield.

What’s New in Ground War and Multiplayer

If you’re less interested in Warzone, Ground War, Gunfight, and traditional multiplayer have some new maps to offer next season. The new Ground War location is called Verdansk Intl. Airport; Gunfight’s new map is Livestock. The latest multiplayer additions are Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig.


As always with Modern Warfare, be ready to download a massive update.