MW2 Campaign Remastered: Split-Screen And Co-Op Mode Not Included

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The magic of Modern Warfare 2's story has returned with the release of MW2 Campaign Remastered and although many will fondly remember this story, it could be the first playthrough for many more.

Call of Duty campaigns have experimented with split-screen and co-op features in the past, so does this revisit of a cult classic feature anything like this?

See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!

Will There Be Split-Screen or Co-Op In MW2 Campaign Remastered?

The simple answer is no - there will not be split-screen or co-op in MW2 Campaign Remastered.

Unfortunately, these features were tied to the Spec Ops mode that came with Modern Warfare 2 and this has not been included in the re-release.

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