Modern Warfare: June 3rd Update – Playlist Update, Latest Patch Notes And Weekly Update Details

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Modern Warfare updates don't come along often, but when they do it's usually an occasion.

Here's the latest playlist update for Modern Warfare.


When Is The Modern Warfare Weekly Update?

Weekly updates occur every Thursday at 6PM GMT for Warzone.

While Modern Warfare has yet to be included in these updates, we assume they will still arrive on Tuesday at 6pm GMT.

Modern Warfare 3rd June Update

Here's what was added last week in Modern Warfare


New Content:

  • TBC

Store Updates

  • Tracer Pack: Nuclear Distillery Mastercraft Bundle

This seven-item pack includes two Weapon Blueprints —the “Science Project” Assault Rifle and “Special Batch” Shotgun — featuring Toxic Green Tracers and Toxic Elemental Damage in Zombies modes. Also included are the “Dangerous Cocktail” Charm, “Barrel Racer” Snowmobile Skin, “Science Experiment” Calling Card, “Out of Control” Emblem, and “Spirit Shard” Wrist Accessory.


Gamma Ray Bundle

The centerpiece of the Bundle is the new Legendary “Gravitazer” Pistol Weapon Blueprint, which possesses an extended mag and is designed for dual use. Also included are the “Satellite Phone” Charm, “Digital Reaper” Emblem, and “Splice & Dice” Sticker.

Cell Division Reactive Bundle

Features the Ultra “Cross Multiply” and Legendary “Long Division” Weapon Blueprints. Also in the bundle are the “Medical Mask” Charm, “Yin Yang” Reticle, “Micro Organism” Calling Card, and “Reproduction” Emblem.