Modern Warfare Season 5: Khandor Hideout Map Guide

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Khandor Hideout is one of the brand-new maps that has released as part of Season 2 of Modern Warfare.

Alongside Atlas Superstore, Khandor Hideout is the second of two brand-new maps.


In this article, we take a look at the map, what we can expect from it and at what point it will be released during Season 2.

The March 27th update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare saw the Khandor Hideout map released across all platforms.

With players looking to get the upper hand on their opponents on the new map, there are several tips, tricks and hotspots that should be looked at to secure the win.

In this article, find out the hotspots, the best techniques to play the map and the recommended class loadouts that you should be using to take down your enemies with ease.


Map Overview

Objective Locations



Search & Destroy




The building situated in the centre of the map is often a hive activity, with players battling it out for outright control and the ability to lock down both sides of the map from the windows on the upper floor.

With plenty of ways to access the lab, it is very hard to gain full control of this particular building but if you have a weapon that excels in close quarters combat, there is plenty of potential for you to rack up a very high number of kills, allowing you to score some of the killstreaks that are sometimes harder to get given the number of kills required to earn them.



Found at the southern side of the map is the field. This is one of the more open spaces on Khandor Hideout, allowing more mid to long-range gunfights to take place.

With several headglitches covering the open area, it is very hard to cross the field without being picked off by a static opponent peeking above a wall at either end.

The only cover available is the tall pylon in the middle and it is minimal, leaving you extremely vulnerable to the walls at opposite ends and the window from the lab, overlooking the area.

If you are looking to cross over this area, make sure you are armed with a smoke grenade and a trophy system to block any projectiles heading in your direction.

North Street

Offering crystal clear views from one end of the map to the other, the north street is perfect for snipers to pick off any enemies attempting to cross into the central area of the map and is a great position to hold if you are looking to complete longshot challenges.

If you are holding this area of the map, be aware of the several flanking routes that can be used to catch players off guard when scoping in on the other end of the map.



How to Play

Speed is Key

Thanks to the small nature of the map, playing quickly and with a mobile loadout with plenty of firepower is a great way to play.

With plenty of players hiding in the small buildings, rushing them to take them down before they have a chance to react is a good way to secure control of a particular area of the map.


If running around the map at breakneck speed isn’t your cup of tea, then there are plenty of places to hide and still get a decent number of kills.


Use the walls overlooking the field to take down anyone attempting to make a flank or to cross the open field or stay hidden in one of the small buildings found at the east and west sides of the map.

Longshot Master

With plenty of open areas around the map, it is easy to avoid the buildings and still achieve a relatively high number of kills.

Holding down the street and the field with a marksman or a sniper rifle can be a great way to take down enemies with just a single bullet but it can be very easy to be caught out by anyone playing more aggressively.

Recommended Classes: