Modern Warfare Season 5: Rust Map Guide and Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay

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Season 2 of Modern Warfare has arrived and players are gearing up to visit the Modern Warfare 2 classic Rust!

New weapons, the return of Ghost, new Battle Pass items and more were all revealed battling it out on the chaotic map in the trailer.


In this article, find our definitive guide to the classic map along with some helpful Modern Warfare tips and tricks that will help you get the upper hand on the opposition.

The Map

Synonymous for being the battleground for many 1v1 duels and a playground for some insane trick-shots, Rust has become a Call of Duty icon since its release in Modern Warfare 2.

Now returning on the reboot of the Modern Warfare franchise, the map contains plenty of open space around a tall tower offering the height advantage to any player that risks climbing up the ladder or any that choose to walk the two pipes that lead to the top platform.


There are a few places of cover that are located in some of the open space, providing some much-needed relief from the barrage of killstreaks that can be extremely effective on this map.

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The Tower

The most obvious hotspot on this map is the huge tower. With many ways to access it, it is always important to be aware of anyone attempting to encroach on your position when at the very top. It is also important to be aware of the sneaky dark passages that can be found in close proximity to the ladder. Expect someone hiding in there with a shotgun!  

The Outer Container

One of the better places to hide from anyone at the top of the tower is in the shipping containers that can be found on the outer edges of the map. Players can either choose to set up camp with a couple of claymores at both entrances or use them as a temporary safe-space before advancing into the dangerous outside space.


The Southern Corner


The southeast corner of the map is a great place to get a good view of the ensuing chaos that takes place on the map. The alleyway behind the small building is ideal for catching a break from the action but it is very easy to get ambushed by a flurry of enemies looking to secure control of the area. One of the best hiding places can also be found in this area of the map.

How to Play

1) Reach for The Top!

Getting the high ground is always a recipe for success on Rust. At the start of the game, try to get there as fast as possible before anyone else manages to capitalise on it at your expense.


2) Stay Hidden

Not a fan of making the mad dash to the top of the tower? Playing on the ground can be equally as effective as getting the height. Stay out of line of the players that are up high and use a weapon to increase mobility in order to avoid being taken down.


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