Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale: Locations And Classes For COD Mobile On Android And iOS Devices

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After the release of Call of Duty Mobile was revealed to be October 1st, many Call of Duty fans are excited to get their hands on the new mobile game when it’s released for Android and iOS devices. Complete with perks, scorestreaks, maps, game modes and more, this is the first time Call of Duty will be playable on mobile.

Along with the traditional multiplayer experience on COD: Mobile, there will be a new battle royale mode where up to 100 players will drop into a brand-new map and battle it out to become the last man (or woman) standing. Here are just some of the features that will be included in the battle royale mode


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The Map

The map looks slightly different to the map that is used in Blackout. With iconic maps from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops being recreated for the game, along with some new additions, there will be plenty of familiar locations for players to visit throughout the map.

Using maps from Modern Warfare and Black Ops titles in one game is something that has never been done before and it will certainly make the battle royale experience for mobile one of the most complete BR titles in its genre.

The battle royale map is very similar to Black Ops 4's Blackout and includes the following locations:

  • Bus Station (Tranzit - Black Ops 2)
  • Countdown (COD4)
  • Crash (COD4)
  • Diner (Tranzit)
  • Estate (MW2)
  • Farm (Tranzit - Black Ops 2)
  • Forest
  • Firing Range (Black Ops 1)
  • Killhouse (COD4)
  • Launch (Black Ops 1)
  • Nuclear Plant (Meltdown - Black Ops 2)
  • Nuketown (Black Ops 1)
  • Overgrown (COD4)
  • Pipeline (COD4)
  • Sakura
  • Seaside (Black Ops 4)
  • Shipment (COD4)
  • Standoff (Black Ops 2)

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The Classes

Unlike Blackout and perhaps more similar to Apex Legends, the battle royale mode for COD: Mobile will offer players the choice to select six unique classes before dropping into the battlefield. Below is some more information surrounding the classes and their abilities:










Each class consists of a physical ability and a perk that gives players a unique advantage over their opponents. Ranging from increased healing time to throwing a clown bomb in order to take down zombies, the classes are diverse and will add an interesting dynamic to the game.

With the combination of both Modern Warfare and Black Ops maps, is this a sign of things to come for the Call of Duty Battle Royale sub-franchise? Could console players eventually have a BR full of locations and content from across all the games?


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Game Modes

The Battle Royale mode features 3 game modes, 1-player, 2-players and 4-players modes. Players can also choose between two camera type, a third person camera called TPP Shot Mode or a first person camera called FPP Shot Mode. When you first begin Battle Royale, you’re presented with a quick overview detailing the important game details, designed to get you into the action as quickly as possible, but with an overall understanding of the actions to undertake and the threats to face.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95