Call of Duty: Developers Say Skill-Based Matchmaking Has Been In Every COD

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The alpha for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been live all weekend.

Although it has received positive feedback from fans, SBMM has once again a hot topic.

Now, a Treyach technology fellow has noted some drastic news.


Here it is.


It's Always Been There? 

Martin Donlon who is a technology fellow at Treyarch quoted a tweet that alluded to how most Call of Duty's did not have SBMM.

Martin simply replied "They all had SBMM", which triggered a confused reaction from the community.

Unionstreaming who was the author of the original tweet noted the take was 'False.'. which triggered this reply: 

"I wrote the BO2 implementation."



More Extreme?

It is unclear whether or not the SBMM in Black Ops Cold War and the recent Modern Warfare is more prevalent than others. 

However, it does come as a surprise that SBMM has always been within Call of Duty games.

It seems in recent years, fans have been more vocal about aspects of games they do not enjoy.

SBMM has been at the forefront of this, especially over the weekend!