Call of Duty Black Ops: Summit map to return in Cold War

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Activision mailed out padlocked boxes to Call of Duty content creators last week, and now they’ve all been opened.

Inside, folks are finding a mid-twentieth-century-style projector and a series of 10 slides. One of the images, labeled “V-284,” appears to be Summit, the fan-favorite map from the original Black Ops and Black Ops 4.

“Summit is a narrow map with severe drops on all sides,” the Call of Duty wiki explains. “The map features snowy terrain. It features plenty of variety when it comes to buildings and platforms. The interior of one large building in the middle is the most open area… with most of it made up of narrow gaps and pathways. It is a map with lots of small spaces for the player to hide in. Spawn-trapping is very easy if the other team has the A flag.”


Cold War: Know your history

The Black Ops: Cold War reveal has turned out to be an elaborate puzzle-solving exercise, on par with some of the all-time wildest Destiny quests. So far, it’s requiring community participation and multiple game clients — including Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare (2019) — to solve.

At the time of writing, YouTuber NoahJ456 and several other players were using the slides to decipher a code, in game, on the Black Ops 4 version of Summit. Their current hypothesis is that the slides will eventually lead them to the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War announcement trailer.

As spotted by Charlie Intel, it’s worth pointing out that the official Treyarch Twitter account has made the mountains behind Summit their new cover image. Could they be teasing the next location for Warzone, maybe? Or a centerpiece of their next story campaign or Zombies mode?

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Warzone season five

Modern Warfare and Warzone both got a massive seasonal update on August 5, introducing a new battle pass; new maps for 6v6 multiplayer, Ground War, and Gunfight; and of course a season’s worth of new modes, Operators, weapons, and cosmetic rewards.

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