Black Ops Cold War Beta: Will I Need To Keep The Alpha File On PS4?

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Black Ops Cold War's public Alpha has sadly come to an end.

The surprise addition of an Alpha put many sceptical minds at ease after months of hearing negative rumours about the state of the game.


It's, so far, an outstanding Call of Duty and the community is buzzing to see what the final product will look like.

The Alpha took up a sizable 25GB of hard drive space on the PS4, but what is happening for the Beta?

Will we need to re-download the file again or can we use what we already have?

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Can I Delete The Black Ops Cold War Alpha File On PS4?

If you're wondering what to do with the Alpha file for Black Ops Cold War now that it's over, you can delete it from your PS4.

It has been confirmed that the beta file will be a separate download to the Alpha.

It's strange that Treyarch hasn't made life easier for all users and reduced the stress of downloading another file to play the beta.


Surely an update to the Alpha file would have sufficed? It certainly would have saved time and money.

The only logical reason is that it was easier to create and push a new file for players to download or the current Alpha file is too limited in what it can produce.

It's been confirmed that new maps and modes will arrive in the Beta, as well as major adjustments to slide cancelling, weapon balancing and cross-play.

The beta is due to begin on the 8th October for PlayStation 4 players, with a second weekend being open to Xbox One and PC.


To get access to the beta early, you need to pre-order the game. However, all three consoles will offer an open beta to those that do not.