Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Der Eisendrache Dead Again Easter Egg Song

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The Black Ops Zombie series is back with the launch of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC! And with a new map, comes new Easter Eggs!

The first Der Eisendrache’s Easter Egg has been found and I’ve detailed all the steps you will need in order to active the hidden song, “Dead Again”.


The Easter Egg requires us to find three teddy bears scattered throughout the castle. Once we locate the bears, you’ll need to press Square on PS4 or X on Xbox One to interact with them. The bears can be activated in any order.

The first bear can be found on your way to turn on the power in Der Eisendrache. You’ll pass through a bedroom, which looks like it once belonged to Samantha, and sitting on the chair by the desk will be the first teddy. 


The second bear you’ll likely reach is in the dark nook to the left of the Juggernog perk machine. You’ll find this room up top and straight ahead from your spawn area, but the area will not be accessible until you turn the power on. 



The third teddy requires you to locate and use the teleporter to transport you outside to the big rocket. The teleporter can be located in the Undercroft, by opening the door underneath the dragon in the first courtyard.

You’ll reach a room with a pretty awesome looking pyramid similar to the one from Moon. Beyond that you'll discover a gated room to unlock and the teleporter is visible from the doorway.

Pay the price of 500 points to teleport into a small room which opens up to the rocket testing zone. Head out to the rocket, and the final bear will waiting in the window of the truck to your right.


Make sure you leave this area promptly when you hear the announcement of the rockets test fire. If you don’t, the doors to the area will close, and you will die.

Once the final teddy has been activated, "Dead Again" will begin to play. Remember, you do not have to activate the teddy sequence in this order for the Easter Egg to work.

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