Warzone Season 4: New Locations Are Coming to Warzone And Map Changes For Verdansk

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Warzone players have been excited for new locations for a while now, which were first teased in the strategy guide Activision posted.

While we're 3 months into its lifespan, only a few changes have been made.


An advertisement for Call of Duty Warzone has stated players will be "storming new locales".

New Warzone Locations

Although the advert doesn't announce a date for these changes, it reveals the update is on its way.

Here's the advert:

Call of Duty Warzone

Courtesy of ModernWarzone

The advert also reveals that changes will be coming to Verdansk.

The phrasing of the advert suggests the changes will be the result of a battle, so expect a war-scarred landscape.

Season 4 is mentioned in the ad so we can expect these changes to be implemented relatively soon.


We can only wonder what these new locations will be and hope that new information drops soon.