Announcing the Gfinity Call of Duty Pro League!

We are delighted to announce that Gfinity will be the official hosts of the European Call of Duty Pro League!

In association with Activision, Gfinity will run an online professional league for the remaining competitive season of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The league will be hosted on and will be appropriately divided into separate divisions.

The two highest divisions, Premier and Championship, will feature the most elite teams within the European competitive Call of Duty community, while the following “Call of duty League” will be comprised of the best up and coming talent in Europe, across multiple divisions.

Within each division, there will be 8 participating teams, with fixtures occurring on a “home” and “away” basis. Therefore, in total, teams are required to play 2 games per week, 14 games a season.

The initial 8 teams competing within Season 1 of the Premier Division will be comprised of 6 invitations and 2 qualifiers, while the Championship Division will be entirely open for qualification.

Upon the conclusion of a season, the bottom two Premier teams will be relegated to the Championship Division, while the top 4 Premier teams will successfully qualify for the Gfinity Call of Duty Masters. The bottom 2 teams from the Championship Division will be relegated to the lower divisions.

The Premier and Championship divisions will also feature significant prize pools, with Pro Points and a substantial £14,000 up for grabs each season (£10,000 Premier Division, £4,000 Championship).

In addition to this, a further £1,000 will be up for contention per season, as the winner of each division below the Championship Division is placed into a cup, with the top 2 teams automatically qualifying for the Championship Division.

Prior to the launch of each season, teams are allowed to register a maximum of 6 active players upon their rosters. However, rosters must be confirmed by the lock in period (3 days before the season starts.)

A transfer window will be opened for 24 hours upon the conclusion of the third week, while each organisation is also presented with 1 “emergency transfer” per season.   

The Gfinity Pro League is scheduled to commence on the Wednesday, 10th June and will run for a total of 3 seasons. Qualifiers will start the week commencing 27th May. Information surrounding invites and qualifications will be issued within the coming days.

Coverage of the event will occur on a weekly basis, with Gfinity providing full presentation and casting of 3 games (2 Premier and 1 Championship) live on

Due to the expected multinational viewership of the Gfinity Pro League, we have also established local language streaming partnerships with respective casting teams. As a result, Gfinity will be able to provide appropriate coverage of the scheduled matches in English, French and German.

Since its inception, Gfinity has provided significant on-going investment towards the development of Call of Duty eSports. Through the Gfinity Call of Duty League, we aim to reiterate our dedication to the community, while also creating a flourishing environment for the grassroots development of European eSports.  

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