Announcing the Call of Duty Pro League Season 2 Finals Talent Lineup

After months of competition, only one team will be crowned League Champions, but who will emerge victorious?

The finale of Season 2 of the Gfinity Call of Duty Pro League is fast approaching, as the best teams in Europe prepare to show off their talent and skill, with aspirations of securing a slice of the £15,000 prize pool.

The battle to lift the second Call of Duty Pro League Premiership trophy begins August 29th, running throughout the entire weekend at the Gfinity Arena at the Vue, Fulham Broadway. Tickets are available for purchase now!

With the final fixtures of the season now confirmed, we're delighted to announce the official talent lineup for this weekend.

While he managed to escape the event last time, we’ve managed to reel him back in! For the first time in history Richard Lewis will immerse himself within the competitive Call of Duty community, as he guides you through the entire event as your host.

We’re also excited to welcome the return of familiar faces Alan “Bricey” Brice, Oliver “Rel” Whitfield, Chris Tunn, Reece “IHNK” Warren, Chris Trout as analyst and our American brethren Jack ”Courage” Dunlop.

In summary, the full Call of Duty Pro League talent lineup is as follows:

  • Host: Richard Lewis
  • Analyst: Chris Trout
  • Caster: Oliver “Rel” Whitfield
  • Caster: Chris Tunn
  • Caster: Alan “Bricey” Brice
  • Caster: Reece “IHNK” Warren
  • Caster: Jack “Courage” Dunlop

Call of Duty returns to the Gfinity Arena with the conclusion of the European Pro League. Watch 16 of the Europe’s best competitive Call of Duty team’s battle for £15,000 this weekend, August 29-30th.

More information and tickets for the Call of Duty Pro League Season 2 Finals can be found here.

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