Advanced Supply Drops Hit Xbox One

Running low on gear in Advanced Warfare? Xbox One players can now purchase “Advanced Supply Drops” in order to obtain more loot. Each Advanced Supply Drop will contain three items and are said to include at least one weapon variant and one item of Professional rarity or better.

Advanced Supply Drops may also include: Items already existing in a player’s Armory, items a player cannot use until the required rank is achieved, or rare loot exclusive to the Advanced Supply Drops which include the Eco Custom Exo and items from the Arctic Gear set.

Activision also stated these Advanced Supply Drops do not include duplicate items within an individual package, but duplicate items may appear in different Advanced Supply Drop packages purchased within a bundle.

Gamers with an Armory already packed with gear will be happy to know these items will come with their own Armory slot. Don’t like what you get? All items can still be redeemed for XP.

Players can now head to the in-game store or visit the Xbox Live store to purchase these new items. Once you purchase your Advanced Supply Drops, they will appear in your New Items list and open like regular drops.

Single Advanced Supply Drops can be purchased individually for $1.99 USD

Bundle of three Advanced Supply Drops for $5.99 USD

Bundle of five Advanced Supply Drops plus one bonus Advanced Supply Drop for $9.99 USD

Bundle of ten Advanced Supply Drops plus three bonus Advanced Supply Drops for $19.99 USD

In the beginning, there will be a purchase limit in place. Players can purchase up to 10 of each bundle type available, totaled at 230 Advanced Supply Drops. Activision did state the limit will be removed at a later time, but no specific date given.

Don’t have the cash for micro-transactions? Advanced Supply Drops will also be awarded after reaching ranks 20, 30, and 40, and after reaching Prestige.

These new micro-transactions will expand the options gamers have for outfitting their characters for combat. No date is given for these purchasable supply drops to become available for other platforms, but seems likely we’ll get updates soon.

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