Activision releases new info on Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC

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Activision and Sledgehammer Games have released new information about the Havoc DLC pack, including a release date. The pack features four new multiplayer maps, two new weapons, and the addition of Exo Zombies to the game. 

Core, Urban, Sideshow and Drift are the four new maps added to Advanced Warfare. Core, set in the Gobi desert, takes place in the ruins of a nuclear power plant. Urban is a close quarters map, designed to make the best of the exoskeleton abilities your character has. Sideshow takes place in an abandoned inn in Wyoming, while Drift takes place in the Rocky Mountains. It will also feature two new weapons for multiplayer, the AE4 energy assault rifle, and a new AE4 Widowmaker weapon variant.

Exo Zombies is a huge addition to Advanced Warfare, and sure to be a hit with fans of the Zombies game modes featured in past iterations of Call of Duty. Much like the Extinction series is last years Call of Duty: Ghosts, Exo Zombies is a multi-part story, with new chapters added throughout the year throughout the year, as more DLC becomes available. 

Havoc will be available for Xbox 360, and Xbox One on January 27th, with a release date for other platforms yet to be announced. Season Pass holders will be able to download it as part of the prepaid DLC bundle price, whilst non-Season Pass holders will have to pay around £10-£15 on release day.

Check out the brand new preview for the Havoc DLC pack below!

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