A second, brand new Easter Egg has been discovered in Nuketown!

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Over the last week, Call of Duty fans have spent several minutes, hours and even days trying to complete and unlock the mysteries of Black Ops 3. 

One by one, the secrets behind the Hero Specialists, the Dark Ops challenges, hidden Easter Eggs and more were quickly revealed by avid fans of the franchise, leaving the community satisfied in their search for BO3 knowledge. 


However, one familiar YouTuber, Chaosxsilencer, has discovered a new Easter Egg within the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 bonus map, Nuk3town. 

Similar to the original Easter Egg discovered last week, which turns the mannequins scattered around the map into zombies when their heads are shot off in less than two minutes, this second Easter Egg turns the creepy mannequins into an even more frightening variation of Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels. 

As seen in the video above, when each mannequin has had their arms dismembered within a two minute period the Easter Egg will activate. 


Can you keep track of the Weeping Mannequins? Try it for yourself! We will.

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