A Scope Into The CWL Pro League Week 7 & 8

The CWL Pro League resumed after CWL London with Division A. We take a look into what went down in Columbus for week 7 and 8 as the eight teams prepare for CWL Anaheim.


The Top Team: OpTic Gaming 

OpTic Gaming may not have found the championship they wanted in London, but they came back to Columbus with an unbeaten run during this split. With an astonishing 21-6 map count (78%).

Their toughest game over the two weeks was their battle with Gen.G. OpTic Gaming were close to taking their first loss as Gen.G soared through Seaside Hardpoint 250-197. The Greenwall's favourite Search and Destroy map, Payload, did not fall into their favour as they suffered a 6-2 defeat. Yet, things started to look brighter as they survived Arsenal Control and then continued the reverse sweep by winning both Frequency Hardpoint and the final Search and Destroy.

Their final match of the series against Luminosity was the game on everyone’s mind. Surprisingly, it was a quick but not so simple 3-0 win for OpTic Gaming. They had to survive the opening map; Frequency Hardpoint, but quickly denied the two final points from LG to win the map 250-248. Moving onto Payload SnD, The roster besides Karma pulled out their snipers and advanced their lead further with a 6-3 win.

The question we're left with: will OpTic Gaming perform the same at CWL Anaheim?

It's the GOAT once again ?@OpTicGaming's @OpTic_DKarma had a massive game yesterday and made some huge plays! ?However, this four piece topped the bunch for us! ? #CWLProLeaguepic.twitter.com/x6iPv9S3zR
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
May 24, 2019


MVP: Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall - FaZe Clan

Skrapz has had a very impressive performance throughout the fourth split of the Pro League. Himself and Cellium both top the leaderboard this week with an overall K/D of 1.38 and 1.25 respectively. Not only having the highest overall K/D, Skrapz also takes first place on both respawn K/D and highest kill count on control.  

Skrapz has also been named in Scuf Gaming’s Team of The Week both in week 7 and 8.

Week 7 Play of The Week: Royalty’s Grav Slam against UYU 

Although Midnight secured a 3-2 win, UYU’s Royalty put on an amazing performance on Seaside Hardpoint. As they transitioned from the first complete rotation, Royalty couldn’t have picked a better time to use his specialist. Using his specialist (Grav Slam), he removed the entire Midnight roster from the hill, which advanced UYU to a game 5.


THE 5 MAN GRAV SLAM!!! ?@SaugaRoyalty LAID THE SMACKDOWN on @GGMidnight_ last night in the @CODWorldLeague#CWLProLeague! pic.twitter.com/SSDI85joSj
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
May 16, 2019


Week 8 Play of The Week: Team Reciprocity’s Hardpoint Survival

During their series with UYU, they took Hacienda Hardpoint 250-225, but began to lose their advantage as UYU found success in Gridlock - both SnD and Control. One heart stopping moment fell in Arsenal. UYU were 242-238 in the first hill, but were left struggling as Reciprocity would not give up. Rushing to the second hill, Team Reciprocity were nowhere to be seen as Methodz begins to collect the final points to end the series. Within a matter of seconds, Dylan and Wuskin could not be stopped and survived the series!


One of the wackiest Hardpoint endings, that we've ever seen, was on show between @TeamReciprocity and @UYU ? #CWLProLeaguepic.twitter.com/4eR43XIsKj
— Gfinity Esports (@Gfinity)
May 23, 2019


Match of The Week: FaZe Clan vs EvilGeniuses 

Evil Geniuses were close to adding another victory to their name, but a reverse sweep from FaZe Clan ended their surviving hopes. A strong for Evil Geniuses in Seaside Hardpoint, saw them take the first map 250-225. Yet, it started to become a slight worry for FaZe fans as EG strengthened their lead in Arsenal Search and Destroy.

However, the momentum shifted as they could not pick themselves back up in the Control. Skrapz had one of the best control performances we had seen over the two weeks, ending the map 30-14. (2.14 K/D) The fight in Gridlock did not stop there as FaZe soared through the hardpoint 250-123. Evil Geniuses could not remain in control of each hill, despite their best efforts.

A Game 5 alert was called and it was all in the hands of a Frequency Search and Destroy. Evil Geniuses had a very strong performance, but as the score hit 4-1 in their favour, their awareness began to disappear as FaZe watched every corner to challenge. From such a strong start, it all came to an end with an amazing comeback from FaZe Clan, 6-4.

Division B is back! eUnited, 100 Thieves and Team Heretics are all fighting to take that top spot on the leaderboard ahead for playoffs, but who will be successful during this split?


Written ByAlisha Wicks@alishalmao

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