2015 Call of Duty Championship Predictions: Group C

The Call of Duty Championship is the most prestigious date on the calendar of the budding eSports title by a notable margin. 32 of the world’s most established teams will clash on March 27-29th, with the winning squad walking away with a significant $400,000 in prize money – $100,000 apiece.

As we edge closer to the launch of the highly anticipated tournament, tension within the eSports community could not be higher. The 32 qualified teams have spent the last month vigorously perfecting their strategies, teamwork and gun-skill, as they prepare themselves for every possible scenario which stands between them and the coveted title of World Champion.   

While the clock agonisingly ticks down and the 27th of March draws nearer, our series of reviewing each group and providing you with our insights and predictions as to whom will qualify nears its conclusion.   

In this penultimate instalment, we move on to focus our attention towards the remaining groups C, D and E, as we attempt to predict which 6 teams will triumph out of pool play.

Group C

FaZe Red (US) | Aches, Parasite, Slasher, Enable

fabE.Germany (EU) | Kivi, KraQz, GunElite, BulletOG

fabE.Allstars (EU) | RusH, L X T, TORRES, Sempa

Automatic Reload (US) | Burnsoff, Blfire, Anticity, Whea7s    

When Group C was initially announced, understandably, the RedMilitia seemed fairly confident and pleased with the outcome of their seed, as they managed to avoid several big names within the eSports community. However, despite being clear favourites, in order for FaZe Red to successfully progress from pool play, they will need to be on top of their game.

Aches, Parasite, Slasher and Enable are undeniably one of the most talented rosters within Advanced Warfare, however, their in-game performance largely reflects their team chemistry. When FaZe Red are communicating well, trusting each other and working together as a team, they hold the ability to defeat any obstacle in their way. However, when they are presented with an undesirable situation, this roster has shown the previous tendency to ultimately beat themselves, as they disagree and quarrel internally.

Nevertheless, each player upon FaZe Red is a trained professional, and we expect them to sort out their issues in time for the Call of Duty Championships. With two previous World Champions, Aches and Parasite, amongst the roster, FaZe Red already understand what is required of them during this period of time.

As long as Aches regains his dedication and acknowledges his responsibility as the team captain, Parasite controls his emotions and performs as expected and Slasher & Enable maintain their composure, FaZe Red could pose a serious threat as title contenders.


The second team to progress from group E will be a narrower affair with both fabE squads and Automatic Reload looking to continue their Call of Duty Championship dream. With all three teams possessing strong regional performances, the remaining qualification spot could potentially go either way.

Unfortunately, as both fabE teams have been placed in the same pool, the organisation is forced into a family feud. As hard as this may be for fabE, realistically only one team may progress from Group C, and when we compare the two rosters, personally, I favour fabE.Germany.

However, as much as I would love to see the European organisation progress from Group C, regrettably, when paired against Automatic Reload, I believe fabE.Germany may fall agonisingly short of qualification. Ultimately the predominant component as to which of these team will qualify could rest upon the result when they face off against each other.

FaZe Red 3 – 1 fabE.Germany

FaZe Red 3 – 0 fabE.Allstars

FaZe Red 3 – 1 Automatic Reload

Automatic Reload 1 – 3 FaZe Red

Automatic Reload 3 – 2 fabE.Germany

Automatic Reload 3 – 1 fabE.Allstars

Be sure to check out tomorrows edition where we take a look at groups F, G & H

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