Mobile Legends Thinks It Has Solved Its Lag Issues With Pizza

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In a rare scripted video from developer Moonton, the team has gone over three key Mobile Legends network optimizations changes hitting the game soon, which it thinks will spell the end of connection issues, reduce lag, and provide compensation if things do go wrong.

The first of these three changes related to the MCL matchmaking service. In the near future, players should start to notice improvements not necessarily with the connections of those they're matched with, but the server they ultimately battle it out on.


Next up is the "Battle Proxy". In an odd flex, the video explains that the Mobile Legends team spent twice the usual cost of setting up servers.

The extra expenditure apparently allows for identical battle data to be sent over two different lines to increase the odds of that vital data arriving where and when it's supposed to.

The analogy for this one related to ordering one pizza and having the pizza place send you a second with another driver on a different route. If one gets stuck in traffic, you still get your pizza as fast as possible.


The pizza explanation also has a failsafe built in for if both your pizza delivery people were to get stuck behind a tractor driven by a 90-year old as well. Simply put, things should just feel faster and your ping lower.

Through some other obscure networking magic, the Mobile Legends dev team claims to have reduced the daily rate that match stuttering and disconnections issues arise from 30% down to 15%. That's still incredibly high, but a 50% improvement is decent.

Lastly, Mobile Legends match compensation is finally a thing. Once a day, if the system detects that you lost a match due to a poor network connection, you'll be compensated for the issue. What this equates to at the minute appears to be 100 points of rating protection in ranked, but it could stretch to other modes.

There's probably still a lot of work to be done with high ping further away from the game's server clusters, but anything is a step in the right direction.