Minecraft YouTuber Bashurverse Has Died After Battle With COVID-19 And Pneumonia

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Minecraft YouTuber Brandon Dylan 'Bashurverse' Ashur died on September 13th, according to his family. The content creator was suffering from COVID-19, and had been suffering with the effects of COVID-19 and pneumonia for weeks.

Bashurverse and his Minecraft Legacy

He had been admitted to the hospital after being tested positive for COVID-19, where he remained in intensive care for a good number of days.

Back in August, he took to Twitter to tell his fans that he was indeed recovering. However, he also requested his fans to get vaccinated, because according to him, the suffering was nothing short of hell.

Two days later, the late YouTuber took to Twitter once again to thank his followers for all the love and support that they were sending his way.

On September 13th, his family members took to Facebook to announce the death of the Minecraft YouTuber.


"You are one of the strongest people I know, and pushed through no matter what the Internet said, no matter what people wanted you to think," says his family member Anesa Ashur on Facebook. "You proved how amazing a soul you are. I love you, to the moon and back."

Image via Facebook (Anesa Ashur)
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Image via Facebook (Anesa Ashur)

Bashurverse was known for his energetic streams and content. He had amassed around 1.5 million followers across his Twitch and YouTube channels.

Bashurverse had a hiatus from his YouTube career in 2015 after being charged with unlawful transaction with a minor, which was later amended to sexual misconduct. The incident occurred in 2005, but became big news in the YouTube and Minecraft communities after drama YouTuber Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem interviewed Bashurverse on the DramaAlerts channel.

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