Minecraft: How To Breed Villagers

Everyday players are checking out Minecraft for the first time.

Learning the ins and outs of the game and making your first house is among the best times we can remember.

There are certain NPCs throughout every Minecraft world that can be very useful for your journey.

Some of these included villagers that you will encounter within certain areas.

Players will be able to trade with these villagers, and they offer some fantastic trades.

However, you may be looking to get a bit more out of these villagers.

So, here's how breeding villagers work within Minecraft. 



Breeding is the process within Minecraft in order to get more villagers within a certain area of the game.

This can be useful, as the new villagers might have different trades for you; ones that can be beneficial to you.

In order to breed, there needs to be an excessive amount of beds within the village.

If there are not enough beds, then the villagers will not breed.

As well, players will need to increase the villager's desire to breed. This can be done by tossing food at the ground towards them, but this may take some time.

Check out the following YouTube video from wattles showcasing breeding! 


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