Minecraft Axolotl: Update 1.17 New Caves & Cliffs Mob Explained

The Minecraft Live event showcased some of the stuff coming in the Caves and Cliffs update.

We'll see the update go live in summer 2021.

There's loads of new and exciting stuff but one adorable little guy got my attention, the Axolotl.

Looks like I won't be playing Minecraft properly anymore, time to obsess over my new pets.

Here's everything we know about Axolotls in Minecraft!

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Are you ready for the cutest companion to take on your travels?

Meet the Axolotl, they can be found in Lush Caves.

They are real animals that are related to the cave salamander.

You'll be able to tame them to take with you on your submarine explorations.

Just scoop them up in a bucket as you would a fish and then release them underwater.

They'll attack enemies so use this to your advantage.

When low on health they'll play dead which allows them to use 'Regeneration' which recovers its health.

I'm way too excited to create an army of Axolotls.

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  • Based on the critically endangered Mexican salamander with the same name in real life
  • Found in bodies of water within lush caves biomes
  • Will be the first-ever amphibian added to Minecraft
  • Can be caught in a bucket like with fish
  • Can be tamed by capturing it in a bucket
  • Come in different colours (leucistic, yellow, green, brown, and purple/pink)
  • Plays dead when damaged, receiving Regeneration
  • Appears to turn invisible or teleport after this, although the latter may be just a bug or a glitch
  • This regeneration ability is likely based on how real axolotls can regrow lost limbs
  • Attacks drowned, guardians, elder guardians and fish
  • Sometimes can give Regeneration to the player who tamed it

Source: Minecraft Gamepedia

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