Minecraft 1.19: Wild Update Release Date, Pre-Release 1 Patch Notes, and More

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Minecraft sunset using shaders
Credit: Minecraft sunset

Minecraft has seen a lot of new features added over the years, and it’s been exciting to see the game thrive and change in a multitude of ways. From adding new biomes, to bees to axolotls and armour, there have been so many changes along the way in Minecraft’s long history. Now, Minecraft 1.19, the Wild Update is coming.

The Wild update is the next big update to come to Minecraft and it brings with it a lot of new changes. Fans will be treated to the addition of new lighting options, new wood, frogspawn, and even some new biomes. This patch revolves around the deep dark, but also nature and the nice things within it.


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Peeking out from inside a Minecraft cave
Minecraft Cave

Table of Contents

Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update Release Date

At the moment, there is no exact release date for the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update. Mojang has confirmed that it is said to come out this year.

Frogs in the snow biome from 1.19 Wild Update
Frogs 1.19 Minecraft

What Is Being Added To Minecraft in 1.19?

There are plenty of awesome things being added to Minecraft in this patch. They are adding a couple of new biomes. These biomes are called the deep dark biome and mangrove swamp biomes and Ancient Cities.


They are adding fun new features like froglights, which are pearlescent lights dropped by frogs. There are now also new wood types, such as mangrove logs. You can now build with mud! Mud can be crafted into mud bricks, mud walls, and more.

There are also new mobs and enemies that players can look out for! There are now wardens and sculk shriekers. If there are too many sculk shriekers, then the wardens will come out of the woodwork. This is the first fully blind mob in the game. It’s a very strong mob that does 32 damage, meaning players wearing full netherite armour will be brought down from full health to 7 health points. The wardens have 500 health points.

Out of the friendly mobs they’ve added to the game, they’ve added frogs, tadpoles and allays. You can now also ride in a boat with a chest in the back.

Minecraft 1.19 Pre Release 3 Patch Notes

Below, we have the full patch notes for the first pre-release for Minecraft 1.19


  • Wardens’ sonic boom attack now bypasses the damage reduction by armor enchantments such as Protection


  • item_interact_start is no longer detectable as a vibration to allow more specific actions be detected, like drink or eat, but item_interact_finish still is


  • MC-209932 - Sculk sensors only detect the last turtle egg being broken when being stepped on
  • MC-210277 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon chickens laying eggs
  • MC-210278 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon bees entering or leaving their hive or nest
  • MC-214622 - Sculk sensors do not detect daylight detector mode switching
  • MC-249094 - Unexpected culling of inner sculk shrieker faces
  • MC-249230 - Frogs prioritize eating entities over panicking when being damaged
  • MC-250162 - Placing a map in an item frame will break any intersecting paintings and item frames with a map inside
  • MC-250238 - Frogs attempt to pathfind to entities outside of their reach causing them to spin and twitch constantly
  • MC-250983 - Allays can get stuck and freeze inside non-full blocks
  • MC-251220 - Block lighting on extended parts are a lot darker in 22w17a compared to 1.18.2
  • MC-251420 - Demo Mode: The “Purchase Now!” link’s destination is incorrect
  • MC-251858 - Subtitles are higher than in previous versions
  • MC-251872 - The game output and server console are logged with warnings regarding chat packets with invalid signatures when using entity selectors within commands
  • MC-251878 - Sculk sensors hearing items being dropped on the ground doesn’t alert shriekers even if a player drops it
  • MC-251968 - /execute running chat related commands logs “Received chat packet without valid signature” warning
  • MC-252071 - Warden still detects after death if signal is traveling before death
  • MC-252078 - Allays no longer flee or panic when taking damage


  • If the Warden is stuck in a liquid, it will angrily despawn instead of digging
  • Reverted using generic equip sound when equipping blocks in the head slot


  • Added game event teleport with a vibration frequency of 5


  • MC-186148 - “death.attack.witherSkull.item” displays raw translation string (is untranslated)
  • MC-186851 - “death.attack.sting.item” displays raw translation string (is untranslated)
  • MC-207268 - Sculk sensors don’t detect stripping logs, tilling dirt, or pathing grass
  • MC-208759 - Sculk Sensor’s ‘block placed’ doesn’t trigger with villagers placing crops
  • MC-208760 - Sculk Sensor’s ‘block placed’ doesn’t trigger when snow golems place snow layers
  • MC-208761 - Sculk Sensor’s ‘block destroyed’ doesn’t trigger when blocks are destroyed by pistons
  • MC-209701 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon placing food onto campfires
  • MC-209900 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon inserting or retrieving music discs from jukeboxes
  • MC-210330 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon throwing eyes of ender
  • MC-210489 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon pointed dripstone filling partially filled cauldrons
  • MC-210496 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon harvesting sweet berry bushes
  • MC-210801 - Wool incorrectly occludes the vibration of item frames being placed
  • MC-212430 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon rain or snow filling partially filled cauldrons
  • MC-213387 - Sculk sensors don’t detect endermen/shulkers teleporting from a place to another
  • MC-220086 - Sculk sensors do not detect using an axe to clear the wax/weathering of a copper block
  • MC-220087 - Sculk sensors do not detect using a honeycomb to wax copper
  • MC-249696 - Certain void worlds fail to spawn the player on the stone platform
  • MC-250259 - Warden AI doesn’t function properly when it rides on entities
  • MC-250941 - Goats’ horns don’t snap on copper ore
  • MC-250956 - Baby goats with horns lose their horns when fed
  • MC-251314 - Goats loaded from older worlds lose their horns
  • MC-251336 - Darkness fog flashes at high duration values
  • MC-251412 - Warden afflicting Darkness to players in the same team
  • MC-251500 - Wardens ignore PersistenceRequired and dig away
  • MC-251601 - Darkness rendering incorrectly when reloading the game
  • MC-251639 - Warden emerging particles don’t match up with block they emerge on the entire way
  • MC-251646 - “death.attack.sonic_boom.item” displays raw translation string (is untranslated)
  • MC-251670 - Villager sometimes won’t refill their stock
  • MC-251675 - Mesa Mineshafts no longer generate with /place command outside of badlands biomes despite saying the structure has been generated successfully
  • MC-251736 - Reflected ghast fireball cannot hit the ghast
  • MC-251824 - Wardens aren’t angered by being hit with damageless projectiles
  • MC-251854 - “It Spreads” advancement can be granted when killing a mob that does not give experience
  • MC-251859 - Gear equipping sound plays every time armor/elytra durability changes while equipped
  • MC-251860 - The minecraft:item.armor.equip_generic sound is produced when giving items to allays
  • MC-251862 - Shift clicking the destroy item button in the creative inventory creates a vibration when there is nothing in your equipment slots
  • MC-251864 - The minecraft:item.armor.equip_generic sound is produced when filling water buckets with fish, axolotls, or tadpoles
  • MC-251871 - The minecraft:item.armor.equip_generic sound is produced and can only be heard by other players when switching items between hands
  • MC-251876 - Villagers produce armor equipping sound when previewing armor
  • MC-251889 - io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException when evaluating too many entity selectors in chat preview
  • MC-251890 - run_command click events send value as command instead of chat message
  • MC-251915 - Milking cows, mooshrooms and goats plays gear equipping sound
  • MC-251916 - Eating food items that return empty containers plays gear equipping sound
  • MC-251919 - Equipping a player head, skull or carved pumpkin displays the generic “Gear equips” subtitle
  • MC-251920 - Taking a plant from a pot plays the gear equipping sound and subtitle
  • MC-251921 - Equipping horse armor onto a horse plays the “Gear equips” sound
  • MC-251922 - “Gear equips” sound plays when equipping or removing a saddle from a horse wearing horse armor
  • MC-251924 - Gear equipping sounds and subtitles are played when foxes pick up any item
  • MC-251925 - Gear equipping sounds and subtitles are played when dolphins throw around items
  • MC-251927 - Gear equipping sounds and subtitles are played when CanPickUpLoot mobs pick up items
  • MC-251928 - Gear equips sound plays when filling a single bottle with honey
  • MC-251929 - Gear equips sound plays when filling a single bottle with water from a water source