Metroid Dread: What Are The Reviews Saying?

Metroid Dread launches in two days and judging by the initial reactions, fans have plenty to look forward to with Samus Aran's latest adventure.

While we've not prepared our own review just yet, other outlets have begun sharing their thoughts earlier today. So, if you're looking to find out how well Metroid Dread's been received so far, here's our own review round-up to offer a clearer picture.

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Nintendo Life - 10/10

Awarding it top marks, Nintendo Life's PJ O'Reilly had high praise, stating:

Metroid Dread really does feel like a hugely successful modernisation of the franchise. It's everything we love about the older games, all of the good stuff from MercurySteam's last outing and a bunch of new mechanics that make for an incredibly exciting, absorbing, fun and challenging romp across ZDR. This is an incredibly sleek and satisfying return for one of video games' true greats and one of the very, very best action games you can buy for your Switch.

TheGamer - 4.5/5

TheGamer's Cian Maher went for a 4.5/5 score, telling us:

"Metroid Dread suffers from some minor grievances, but overall it is a remarkable achievement in not just resurrecting a dormant and beloved series, proving its authority in the genre it inhabits, or exhibiting the kind of airtight design we’d expect from a title of this calibre. It is a remarkable achievement because it is one of those few rare games that sets itself an atmospheric goal and launches it towards and through the stratosphere. This, here, is one of 2021’s very best games - we’re always in for a treat when Samus returns."

Over at Digital Trends, Giovanni Colantonio advised:

Metroid Dread is the exact jolt of energy the Metroid series needed. What’s 19 years old feels new again thanks to sharp gameplay additions that enhance both battles and exploration. It especially excels in its atmosphere and storytelling, creating an Alien-esque sci-fi horror story that takes the franchise’s space opera to eerie new heights. The queen is back to remind us who puts the Metroid in Metroidvania.

IGN - 9/10

Meanwhile at IGN, Samuel Claiborn gave it a 9/10. Telling us it has enough "clever innovation" on a familiar scenario, they confirmed:

Metroid Dread gets so much right after so many years that I almost feel resentful that we didn’t get this game and a few sequels in some steady cadence starting in 2005. But instead, I’m incredibly happy to play a Metroid that is back at the top of its game. Even though it’s the latest in a decades old series, Dread has just enough clever innovation to balance its familiarity.

GamesRadar - 7/10

On the lower end of the scale, GamesRadar's Josh West awarded it 7/10. Taking issue with Dread's "flat visual design" and "frustrating boss battles", West confirmed:

Metroid Dread's often idiosyncratic approach to combat and control has a wide-reaching impact on what this 2D adventure can ultimately achieve. There's a great game buried in here, but you'll need to constantly push through some frustrating encounters and points of friction to find it. This isn't the return Metroid deserved after Fusion, but after 19 years perhaps it's no surprise that Samus Aran is a little off her game.

You can find the full Metacritic round-up here, currently sitting at 88 Metascore.

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