What's Included In The Metroid Dread: Special Edition?

Nintendo just rocked our socks off with their E3 Nintendo Direct, showing a number of new games from their first-party developers, with one of the most exciting announcements being Metroid Dread.

The fifth game in 2D Metroid history, apparently, is looking like an absolute beauty with great graphics, a new robotic threat, and a pleasant October release date, but if that wasn’t enough to entice you, maybe this amazing-looking Metroid Dread: Special Edition will entice you?

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What's Included In The Metroid Dread: Special Edition?

Yup, we’re getting a Metroid Dread: Special Edition and it is gorgeous.

Here’s a rundown on what’s included in this beautiful Special Edition of Metroid Dread.

Steel Case

As with most Collector’s Editions of video games, Metroid Dread is getting a stylish-looking steel case.

Just the simple image of Samus getting her blaster ready while alien threats loom behind her is enough to get any Metroid fan excited, so we imagine that the shiny sheen of this steel case will make it look even more impressive.

Art Cards

To celebrate Metroid Dread being the fifth 2D Metroid game in the series, the Special Edition will come with some Art Cards to pay tribute to previous games.

While not the most enticing thing you can put in the Metroid Dread: Special Edition, it should be a neat collectible for fans.

Art Book

Now here’s the real meat in this Special Edition.

We doubt this will be over 100 pages or anything like that but being able to see some of the sketches and designs for this game will be rad as hell.

Definitely worth it for this alone.

Big Box

We’ve got to put all these collectibles somewhere right? This big Metroid Dread box looks beautiful and might even force some collectors to buy two of these just so they don’t open one.

Metroid Dread comes to Nintendo Switch on October 8.

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