Metroid Dread "Marks The End" Of The Current Story Arc

According to series director Yoshio Sakamoto, Metroid Dread will bring an end to part of Samus' long-running story arc. While Metroid Prime 4 isn't coming just yet, Nintendo's E3 conference was full of surprises and amongst them? A new 2D Metroid game, launching on October 8, 2021.

Following on from the conference, Nintendo then broadcast Treehouse: Live, and Metroid Dread was the first game they focused on. Speaking about her relationship with Metroids - the parasitic alien organisms she's long been attached to - Sakamoto advised Dread will bring a close to that relationship.

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Metroid Dread "Marks The End" Of The Current Story Arc

In full, Sakamoto confirmed:

The series has chronicled the uncanny relationship between these Metroids and the heroine Samus, but this game will mark an end to that story arc. We're hoping fans of the series will wonder, 'what does 'mark an end to the story arc' mean?' as they play the game.

Currently serving as the furthest entry in Metroid's chronological timeline - Prime being a sub-series set between Metroid and Metroid II - Dread's shaping up to be an explosive finale to this arc, though these comments don't necessarily rule out future entries beyond this. If you're looking to know more, you can watch further gameplay here.

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