Medieval Dynasty Rabbit Locations Guide

In Medieval Dynasty, rabbits can be found in groups of 2 or 3. And if you’ll be able to hunt these down, some valuable items could be yours, such as meat and fur.

You just need to be careful as you approach them. If they will feel an outside presence trying to gaze on them, rabbits will react quickly and would try to escape as fast as possible.

But we got you covered. Browse through this guide to know all the Medieval Dynasty rabbit locations.

Medieval Dynasty Rabbit Locations

There are several rabbit locations in Medieval Dynasty. These could be in the northwestern and southwestern parts of Baranica, the northern part of Rolnica, and the far northwestern and eastern parts of Denica.

Rabbits can also be found in the far southeastern and eastern parts of Lesnica, far northeastern and far southeastern parts of Jezzerica, fast northwestern and far northeastern parts of Hornica, and the southern, as well as the southeastern parts of Gostovia.

How to Hunt Rabbits in Medieval Dynasty

Aside from using spears or arrows, you can also set up rabbit traps in Medieval Dynasty. These may trick rabbits, and you may eventually catch them by luring them with grass or vegetables that they eat, such as carrots.

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