Medieval Dynasty Doe Location Guide

In Medieval Dynasty, you may be able to find various animals which can give vital items for you to survive and eventually build your own village in the game.

One of those animals you may look for in Medieval Dynasty is the doe, which of course, is a female deer. If you are successful in hunting one, it will grant you 3 leather and 4 meat.

So, stay through this article to know more about the doe locations in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty Doe Location

There are 8 locations on the map where you can find does in Medieval Dynasty. There is one located in the northern part of Branica, one in the northern part of Borowo, and two near Gostovia.

You may also look for does in the far southern part of Lesnica, the southern part of Jezzerica, in the far southeastern part of Denica, and the eastern part of Hornica.

How to Hunt Does in Medieval Dynasty

It is best to use a spear in hunting does in Medieval Dynasty. Does could be fast in nature, so aiming from the right spot can strike hard to a doe, eventually killing it.

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