29 Apr 2021 10:58 AM +00:00

Marvel Contest of Champions Adds Silver Centurion

Marvel Contest of Champions, the popular mobile fighting game, is adding Silver Centurion as its next character.

In a new blog post on Marvel's website, the character was confirmed to be joining the roster as a Tech class fighter.

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Marvel Contest of Champions Adds Silver Centurion

As per the blog, the character's abilities are listed below:

  • Using Iron Barrage, on Activation if Lock-On is active, it is refreshed. Inflict a Heal Block Debuff, preventing the Opponent from recovering Health for 10 seconds. If the Opponent is under the effect of a Regeneration effect the Heal Block is turned into a Passive and lasts for 15 seconds.
  • With Drone Onslaught, on activation if Locked-On, all Plasma effects are refreshed.
  • While Locked-On if the Opponent has 5 stacks or more of Plasma the last hit deals a burst 2301 Energy Damage for each stack of Plasma. If the Opponent is under 5 stacks of Plasma inflict 3 stacks of Plasma instead. If Lock-On is not active, the last hit inflicts a Plasma Debuff dealing Energy Damage based on the last hit landed over 12 seconds. The potency of this effect increases with Critical Damage Rating. 
  • Unleashing Electrical Cage, Activate Lock-On even if the conditions are not met. Inflict a Slow Debuff for 28 seconds, reducing the Ability Accuracy of the Opponent’s Unstoppable and Evade effects by 100%. Opponents with a natural Class Advantage cannot be Slowed. Inflict a Power Drain Debuff that removes 1 Bar of Power plus an additional 25% of a Power Bar for each stack of Plasma over 10 seconds.
  • Silver Centurion’s Signature Ability, Improved Lock-On, uses Shock and Plasma Debuffs become Passives and their duration is increased by 25%. While Locked-On Block Proficiency is increased by +3150.06

The game has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2014, and now offers a huge list of characters including stalwarts like Spider-Man and Iron Man, to baddies like Carnage, to the X-Men, M.O.D.O.K. and more.