Marvel's Spider-Man Almost Omitted Aunt May Due to Model Constraints

Marvel's Spider-Man was a memorable time back in 2018. Bringing its own spin to the web-slinging superhero and colourful cast portrayals, Spider-Man comics writer Dan Slott surprised us recently, having confirmed that one of Spider-Man's most prominent characters, Aunt May, was almost omitted.

Speaking with Gamesradar, Slott confirmed that Aunt May portrayal was initially limited to phone calls, citing her older appearance as making her difficult to animate. Specifically, he confirmed that Insomniac Games' reasoning is because older characters with wrinkles characters take a lot more work, equating the workload's worth to animating five different characters.

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Marvel's Spider-Man Almost Omitted Aunt May Due to Model Constraints

However, Slott pushed for Aunt May's inclusion, saying she didn't have to be that old and cites the Marvel Cinematic Universe's younger Aunt May - as portrayed by Marisa Tomei - as reference. Nevertheless, Slott remained happy working with Insomniac Games as they still included her, who became a central character to Peter Parker's growth.

Potentially, omitting such a key character could've caused a problem. In most Spiderman stories involving Peter Parker, his heroic nature is traced back to his upbringing with Uncle Ben and Aunt May, who raised him to be a good, responsible person. Marvel's Spider-Man delivers this story with Uncle Ben long gone, so only Aunt May's around.

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