Marvel's Avengers Getting UI Rework With War For Wakanda Update

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Marvel's Avengers will add Black Panther and Wakanda in a huge DLC expansion arriving this month, but the update comes with a few new tweaks to the core game, too.

As revealed in a recent developer stream, the game's core menu system will see a sizeable overhaul.


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Marvel's Avengers Getting UI Rework With War For Wakanda Update

You can watch the stream below:

As shown off, the 'Character' menu will be more all-encompassing following the War for Wakanda update. While at present the game's cosmetics, loot, and 'Challenge Card' are split between multiple UI tabs, they'll be found in the same page.


That means your chosen outfit, nameplate, emotes, and takedowns will all be available on the same page as your character's four pieces of gear and trio of artefacts, as well as Challenge Card progress.

It'll also be easier to spot any Consumables in your menu, too.

Check out the changes below for Hulk.

Screenshot showing the Hulk's inventory and consumables in the new UI format of Marvel's Avengers coming in the War for Wakanda DLC.
Image courtesy of Crystal Dynamics

Skills will also be accessible within the same menu, with Primary, Specialty, Mastery and Champion skills separated by a separate navigation bar.

Players will be able to lock gear and setup a single loadout for each character, with the plan to add more in the future.

The stream also shows a sneak preview of Black Panther's gear, showing that his gear will be split into Claws, Gauntlets, Protector and Cowl.

While we don't know which abilities King T'Challa will have available in the DLC, we did get a look at a new Black Panther skin dubbed Royal Legacy. Check it out below:

For more on Marvel's Avengers, we now know that Christopher Judge of God of War 2018 will voice Black Panther in the game's upcoming expansion.