Square Enix Is Asking Marvels Avengers Players To Playtest Future Content

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Marvels Avengers players received an email from Square Enix. The email stated that the player requested to be part of a volunteer group for new content and that there was room for some gameplay testers. Redditor u/mp02792 posted this on Marvels Avengers SubReddit.


Due to the fact that Marvels Avengers players had to come to the Crystal Dynamics studio, it seems Square Enix is more comfortable with in-house testing. Most developers in the video game industry work from home at this point, so it's not indicative of that. Rather, this is to prevent leaks or spoilers from coming out with proof.

The email about Marvels Avengers seems legitimate

The email sent to the prospective playtesters reads:

"Hi there, You are receiving this email because you volunteered for playtesting with Square Enix. On June 11, 14, and 15 we are hosting playtests for new Marvel's Avengers content at the Crystal Dynamics studio in Redwood City, California. The playtest will be from 10 AM - 5 PM, the incentive will be a $200 Amazon gift card, and lunch will be provided. If you are an active Marvel's Avengers player and would like to participate, please fill out this survey: (Link.) Please have Marvel's Avengers booted up on your console or PC when you take the survey as you will need to reference your in-game stats. The survey will remain open until Monday, June 7; if you are preselected for the palytest we will reach out to you then to confirm participation. Important! In order to participate in this playtest you must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and facemasks will be required. Please let me know if you have any questions."

Square Enix seems to be preparing even more content and gauging how well it will be received by players. If this is the case, those who have signed up for the game should check both their inbox and junk folder for their own email.