Marvel's Avengers Halloween Event: Everything We Want

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Marvel's Avengers is preparing for the Black Panther-themed War for Wakanda update, but we can't help but feel the game needs to embrace the live-service event schedule fully. That's right people, we want a Halloween event.

The game didn't add anything spooky in 2020 (likely due to the game's launch in September and subsequent fixes, but the Marvel universe feels perfect for such frivolities.

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Marvel's Avengers Halloween Event: What To Expect

Ok, this is all speculative, sure, but hear us out.

The most obvious way to incorporate everyone's favourite seasonal screamfest into the universe is through fresh skins, and what better way to do that than a tie-in with the iconic Marvel Zombies comic.

We can't see Crystal Dynamics turning the game into a hunt for human flesh, but we'd at least like to see some zombified Avengers skins.

There are also a whole host of otherworldly characters that could be introduced. They don't have to be playable, but maybe we could get a glimpse of Blade, Ghost Rider, or go toe-to-toe with Morbius or Man-Thing.

The devs have the perfect 'in' for the content, too. Maybe it's a projection from a certain God of Mischief, or maybe it's all a vision. We don't care, just give us some creepy Avengers moments.