Marvel's Avengers Black Panther Abilities And Skill Tree Revealed

Marvel's Avengers has been adding to its content since launch last year, and the War for Wakanda update is its most ambitious yet.

Offering a new region to explore, two new villains, and a new campaign, the highlight is undoubtedly the arrival of the game's ninth playable character.

Black Panther, also known as King T'Challa, has his own moves and Heroic abilities, but he'll also be able to grow as players use him in the game. With that in mind, here are his abilities, and everything you'll find on his skill tree.

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Marvel's Avengers Black Panther Abilities

As with other Avengers, Black Panther's abilities are split into an Assault Heroic, a Support Heroic, as well as an Ultimate Heroic.

He also has an intrinsic ability.

Assault Heroic - King's Mercy

With this move, Black Panther can launch a speak that can pin up to three enemies. These can be further customised with upgrades that allow for more damage or status effects.

Support Heroic - Kimoyo Beads

The Support Heroic for Black Panther is "Kimoyo Beads" and they're more flexible than most. These can be used to heal your squad of superheroes, but can also deal damage if with some customisation – creating a sort of minefield for enemies.

Ultimate Heroic - Bast's Chosen

Another very unorthodox ability, Bast's Chosen sends a huge, ethereal Panther to engage enemies, while also buffing Black Panther's damage-dealing capabilities and boosting the intrinsic charge rate. With the right upgrades, it can even summon spectral soldiers to assist in battle.

Intrinsic Ability

As seen in multiple versions of the character, Black Panther is able to block and parry attacks from enemies to build up kinetic energy within his suit. His intrinsic ability allows him to expel that energy, staggering foes for follow-up damage.

Marvel's Avengers Black Panther Skill Tree

Every hero in Marvel's Avengers has a skill tree with attributes tied to their attacks and abilities.

These can be upgraded through Skill Points, which are earned as players level up and attempt to reach level 50.

Here's the full set of equippable upgrades for Black Panther:

Light Attack

  • Spinning Strike
  • Out of My Sight
    • Claws in the Air
    • Kinetic Slash
  • Only Kings Stand
    • Kinetic Slam
  • Kokou Sprints
  • Out From Under
  • Panther Scratch

Heavy Attack

  • Pounce
    • Cat Grab
  • Panther Dive
    • Kinetic Pulse
  • Spinning Claw
  • Panther Stomp
  • Kinectic Daggers


  • Devastating Daggers
    • Relentless Daggers
  • Kpinga Daggers
    • Armor Crush
    • Strike True

Intrinsic Ability

  • Panther Cowl
    • Panther’s Parry
    • Formidable Opponent
    • Diminishing Returns
  • Kinetic Burst
  • Energy Kick
  • Kinetic Boom
  • Resolute Power
  • Percussive Blast
    • Energy Reserves
    • Ptah’s Push
    • Kimoyo Bombs

Assault Heroic Ability

  • King’s Mercy
    • A Crown’s Weight
    • Forged in Vibranium
      • Specialization I
        • Immovable Object
        • Meteoric Impact
        • No More Mercy
      • Specialization II
        • Invaders’ Regret
        • Plentiful Harvest
        • Your Father’s Son

Support Heroic Ability

  • Kimoyo Beads
    • Recovery Beads
    • Kimoyo Power-Up
      • Specialization I
        • Kimoyo Armor
        • Kimoyo Blast
        • Kimoyo Stinger
      • Specialization II
        • Shadow Physics
        • Kimoyo Missiles

Ultimate Heroic Ability

  • Bast’s Chosen
    • Ancient Defense
    • Divine Empowerment
      • Specialization I
        • Adored Ones
        • King of Necropolis
        • Panther’s Roar
      • Specialization II
        • Ancestral Memory
        • History is Shared
        • Realm Shift

Utility and Traversal Upgrades

  • Vibranium Senses
  • Above as Below
  • Cat Instincts
  • Panther’s Perch
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