Paper Mario: The Origami King: Where Is The Mahole Hook And How To Get It

Paper Mario: The Origami King is the moustached heroes sixth outing in the paper universe and it offers plenty of puzzle-solving quests.

After an hour of gameplay, you'll find yourself in Toad Town, trying to get to Peach's Castle. However, their's no access.

The only option is through the sewers, but the manhole cover needs the manhole hook in order to open.

Here's where to find it and how to get into the sewers.

How To Get The Manhole Hook In Paper Mario: The Origami King

In Toad Town, once you have spoken to the Shy Guy in the top left of the town (where the Graffiti Underground manhole cover is located), he will tell you that his "less handsome" buddy has the manhole hook.

It's not a difficult quest to find his buddy, as he's being chomped on by one of the giant confetti Goombas below that location.

Follow the path directly south and on your left, you'll see the giant Goomba (and Shy Guy) in a closed-off area of a house.


To gain access, you'll need to fill the hole on the house with confetti.

Once inside, you will find the door at the back of the house will not open. This is due to the Goomba blocking it.

Instead, you'll need to open the drawer below the window by hitting it with your hammer. The bottom draw will open, allowing you to climb on top.

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Once on top, simply open up the window and you'll gain access to the closed-off area.

Battle the giant Goomba, then once defeated he will drop the Shy Guy. The Shy Guy will tell you he left the hook in the brick building near the Port.

Exit the house, down the stairs and head east until you get to another set of stairs. Go up the stairs and you'll see a very obvious red brick building complete with red brick door (this is where you need to go).


Inside you'll spot one of Bowser's minions wedge in a box, who will offer no help but it's worth freeing him anyway.

On the right, you'll find a shelving unit with a number of boxes. Hit it with your hammer and you'll get a prompt saying the box has come loose. Continue to hit it until a box falls on to the floor.

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In the box is a shard that will create a magic circle, allowing you to use the 1000-fold arms and peel back the wall, revealing a door.

Once inside, you'll need to complete a wave battle against Origami Goombas.

Once done, head over to the green step ladder on wheels. Climb over it, face it then hit it with your hammer to move it rightwards.

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You'll then be able to jump onto the shelving unit and jump over to the wooden boxes on the left. Finally, hit the box with the manhole key and it will come loose, allowing you to pick it up.

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