Paper Mario The Origami King Review Roundup: Has Nintendo Struck Gold Again?

Paper Mario: The Origami King launches on Friday, but the game's review embargo is up - meaning critics can reveal what they thought of the RPG adventure.

We'll have our hands on the game soon enough to provide our own thoughts, but in the meantime, here's a quick rundown of what the critical consensus is.

Paper Mario: The Origami King Review Roundup

Despite being one of Nintendo's more niche titles, it looks as though the company has yet another Switch hit on its hands.

With a current Metacritic score of 81, the game ranks similarly to the original Dragon Quest Builders, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore - that's not bad company to be in.

Here's what other sites are saying: notes that while the game's scope is arguably smaller than fans may have hoped for, its lighthearted tone, characters and story will keep players coming back.

GamesRadar offered a similar summation, noting the game's "strong story, great humour and brilliant characters".

The Daily Star praised the game's visuals and overworld design, as well as the witty writing while noting the lack of an EXP system feels like a missed opportunity.

VG247 noted that the game's cheery nature makes it ideal for "miserable times".

Here's a rundown of the scores we've found so far.

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