Games like Skyrim for mobile - Our top picks available now

Image of the player character in front of a dragon in Skyrim

Image of the player character in front of a dragon in Skyrim

Looking for the best games like Skyrim on mobile? While Bethesda's 2011 RPG may be available on practically any platform you can possible think of, mobile devices are conspicuously absent from the list. As such, you'll need to look outside the box to find some handheld games that replicate that fantasy adventure.

In this list we'll run through several mobile games that will remind you of Skyrim in one way or another. Whether that's due to their official Elder Scrolls licensing or fantasy trappings, they'll give you a similar experience while also expanding your conceptions of what fantasy games can do on mobile.

Games like Skyrim on mobile


Image of the player facing a choice in Reigns.
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Platforms: iOS, Android, PC, Nintendo Switch

First up is a mobile card game that takes the medieval settings and role-playing elements of Skyrim, with a totally different gameplay approach. Reigns works almost like a fantasy version of Tinder, with you playing as the ruler of your realm. Each year you're confronted by an aide, squire, or villager with a problem they need to solve. Swipe left for one solution and right for another, with each having a different impact on your region's happiness.

Lasting for a long time in Reigns is an incredibly difficult process, because every single action you make has its drawbacks. Waging war will please the army and people, but the church and treasury won't like it. Banning alcohol may make the church happy, but beware in case your soldiers try and revolt.

It's not just a medieval monarch simulator, it has plenty of fantastical elements too. You can be visited by ghosts, encounter mysterious creatures, and wrangle with spinning so many plates while trying to remain atop the throne. It's a tough task, but fear not: if you die your children will take the crown and you can continue playing!

Diablo Immortal

Image of a battle in progress in Diablo Immortal.
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Platforms: iOS, Android, PC

If it's the focus on combat and magical spells that drew you to Skyrim, the chances are you're already well acquainted with the Diablo series. While a fourth mainline entry is on the way, this year a mobile spin-off called Diablo Immortal landed. It translates the tried and tested top-down RPG formula to handhelds with a free-to-play format that's worth trying out.

The game aims to provide more bite-sized gameplay compared to the PC and console releases, with shorter dungeons that you and your friends should be able to get through in brief play sessions. Combined with plenty of different skills and operators to unlock, you'll never lack something to do.

As a free game however, there are microtransactions aplenty in Diablo Immortal. They aren't imperative to progressing through the game, but if you want the best characters and weapons you may have to shell out. That may be a dealbreaker to some, but at its core Diablo Immortal is more than able to give you the fantasy combat experience once again.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Image of a knight about to fight in The Elder Scrolls: Blades.
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Platforms: iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

Luckily, there are several officially licensed Elder Scrolls games on mobile, including this spin-off from the Blades franchise. If you're familiar with the series, you'll know that there's a keen focus on first-person sword combat, with astounding graphics that far surpass what you may expect from a mobile game.

The controls are simple: you swipe the screen to mirror the slashing of a sword, engaging in tense battles against a range of enemies across Tamriel. It also includes a stealth mechanic where you can avoid combat by sneaking past enemy patrols or moving objects to obscure your position.

The Blades series is renowned for being one of the most impressive on mobile, with console-quality graphics and action-packed gameplay to boot. This Elder Scrolls-themed entry in the series is no different, and will more than hit the spot for those looking for more of that signature Skyrim combat.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG

Image of a card game in progress in The Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG
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Platforms: iOS, Android, PC

Another Elder Scrolls licensed game on mobile is this hit card game, The Elder Scroll: Legends CCG. It's exactly what you may expect from the genre, with turn-based matches where you can either go one against one, or team up in groups of two for more tactical gameplay.

Sadly the game no longer receives support, after Bethesda sunset it back in late 2019. Regardless, the servers remain live for players to continue battling, even if there are no new cards on the way. Despite that, there are still a huge base deck as well as eight expansions worth of cards to collect and tinker with in battle, so there's plenty to keep you busy.

If the main draw of Skyrim was its wider lore and the breadth of different characters and species that reside in Tamriel, this could well hit the spot for you. Think of The Witcher's Gwent and combine it with the IP of the Elder Scrolls, and it's a recipe for addictive matches and great success.


Image of a knight surrounded by a crowd in RuneScape.
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Platforms: iOS, Android, PC

At some time, everyone has played RuneScape, the MMORPG that kickstarted the trend. It's been running for over two decades now, and if a playthrough of Skyrim left you wanting a bit more fantasy, this reliable stalwart is always there to welcome you back with open arms.

Yes, RuneScape is free to download on mobile and is still as brimming with things to do as ever. While it may lack the concrete base quest and overarching narrative of Skyrim, there are hundreds of side quests to complete, NPCs to meet, and areas to explore.

Of course, the co-op functionality is still there, so you can get a group of friends together and take a walk down memory lane in Gielinor. If you want to get it outside of mobile as well, it's been available on Steam since 2020. There's no excuse not to dive back in!

Path of Adventure

Image of a text-based fight against a troll in Path of Adventure.
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Platforms: iOS, Android

Last on our list for now is Path of Adventure, a text-based roguelike that truly pushes narrative paths and quest structure to the limit. While there isn't much visual gameplay in this mobile title, the focus is much more on role-playing, and taking a path fitting of your character.

Each game is completely self-contained, with a permadeath system meaning you don't get to respawn if you enter the wrong dungeon and encounter an angry enemy. Combat is also text-based but relies on a turn system, so you can forecast an enemy attack, see which of your stats weight up best, and react accordingly.

As such, Path of Adventure is almost like playing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign on your mobile. There's nothing to see per sé, but instead a lot of lore, numbers, and decisions to make. It makes it more engrossing than you could ever imagine.

Elsewhere, feel free to check out our list of the best free RPG games for even more hits residing in Skyrim's genre. That's alongside a list of games like Skyrim if you want a console-level experience just like the Elder Scrolls series, and our picks of amazing games like The Last of Us.

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