Legends of Runeterra: 0.9.1 Update Patch Notes

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Legends of Runeterra have put out a brand new patch for the online free-to-play digital card game.

Here's what was included in the patch notes for the 0.9.1 update.


0.9.1 Patch Note Highlights

  • Animations updated.
  • New Minion guardian.
  • New Jinx and Garen board.
  • Increased animation speed.
  • Decreased action lock-out windows.
  • Removed effect buffers in order to increase responsiveness.
  • Friend challenge WIN XP increased to 200.
  • Friend challenge LOSS XP increased to 100.
  • XP gains capped at five wins and five losses per day.
  • Card counts now represented by “pips”.
  • Muting AI opponents will now properly hide their emotes.
  • The Rekindler and The Harrowing will no longer revive Champions that only had their unique spell cast.
  • Champions will now properly level up if they return from being Detained after their level up condition was met while they were Detained.
  • Twin Disciplines now displays correct effect text when selecting Discipline of Fortitude.

You can read the full patch notes right here.