Will The Ruined King Be A Champion In LoL?

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Plenty of players in the League of Legends community are wondering who the next champion will be.

It looks like Riot may actually have given it away.


That, or there are a lot of coincidences...

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Will The Ruined King Be A Champion In LoL?

There are a few indications that the Ruined King could become a champion.


The first being that the Ruined King title releases this year.

Riot released a bit of text to hint at the champion coming in 2021:

“What would you do for love?

Would you go to the ends of the world?


Would you give up everything you have?

Would you go to the brink of life and death?"

If you know anything about the Ruined King's backstory, you'll know his heartbreaking past.

The first line relates to his story as he tried to save his true love.


The last line then plays a part too as whilst he attempted to save her he lost his life.

This is when he became a ghost of the Shadow Isles.

Riot also said that the next champion is well known by the community anyway.

Well, plenty of us know the Ruined King, especially due to the recently announced game named after him.


We're not sure when the next champion will be released but when we know more we'll be sure to let you know