Tyler1 Achieves Master Rank In His Mid Lane Only League of Legends Challenge

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As we have reported last time when he reached the Gold rank, famous League of Legends streamer Tyler1 has now achieved a new feat on his mid-only challenge. And this time, he has now reached the Master rank.

From Gold To Master

Just last month, Tyler1 was still on the Gold rank. Although he struggled in some of his games, it seems that he found his way to figure out how to be a decent midlaner, and now made himself to be included in the Master tier in the game.


This is one of his fastest climbs to date, wherein it only took him 291 games to achieve the Master rank, compared to the 824 games when he did the top-only challenge last season, as well as the 419 games that he needed to get the same rank when it was the Jungle challenge he was putting up.

Tyler1’s Champion Mastery

Tyler1 has used various mid champions on his quest to achieve the Challenger rank by only using champions for that position.

His most notable one so far would be Irelia where he currently holds a win-loss record of 34-8 when he uses the mentioned champion. He also used the recently released champion Akshan where he listed a record of 24-12.


Other champions that he notably used in his mid-only challenge are Fizz and LeBlanc that gave him more decent wins compared to his other challenges in the past.

The Road To Challenger

With season 11 estimated to end around November of this year, there is still plenty of time for the streamer to achieve the Challenger rank and fulfill the mid-only challenge which he has done for the jungle, top, and ADC positions already.

If he goes successful for this one, that will only leave him with the Support position as the last role that he might take on in the future to complete the challenge for all positions/roles in League of Legends.


Could that manifest? Well, only time will tell if it could be. But as for his current challenge, he might be successful on this one in no time.

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