Riot Reveals Pentakill Topnotcher In League of Legends Patch 11.11 Through 'Ask Riot'

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League of Legends creators Riot Games is known for being open to their fans and supporters in which they listen to their sentiments, suggestions, and other ideas through forums, as well as direct customer support.

But one of their platforms in which they share some interesting facts and information for the recent months to fans is the Ask Riot editorial series. With that, Riot has now unveiled through the mentioned platform the champions who had the most pentakills in solo queue in patch 11.11 – what a treat!


Keep reading and we will dive deeper about the Ask Riot reveal on who had the most pentakills in patch 11.11 in League of Legends.

And The Pentakill Champion Is?

Riot Games revealed that for patch 11.11, it was Samira who topped all the champions in the game in terms of the pentakill rate in the solo game queue.

Samira scored an average of 0.018 pentakills per game, which was followed by known jungler Master Yi with 0.018 and Katarina with 0.015 pentakills per game.


Other Questions Answered

The question about who notched the pentakill honors is just one of the three questions being answered in the recent edition of Ask Riot.

Some of the questions were leaned towards the possibility of putting up the champion animations in the game’s mobile version LOL: Wild Rift to the main PC game, which was answered by Riot Brightmoon, who is the Lead Gameplay Producer of Riot. He or she mentioned that it is not the game’s priority at the moment, although it can be one good option in the future.

The other one was about the factors for making a music theme for a new character that was answered by the Riot Music Team. They answered that the three most important factors would be Personality, Backstory, and Location.


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