League of Legends: What Is Hail of Blades, How To Use

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In League of Legends (LoL), runes serve as the added component to power-up and enhance a champion’s abilities and overall statistics. It includes the famous Hail of Blades which may not be the best pick by players but can be a real gamechanger if used correctly.

What most people don’t know about Hail of Blades in LoL is that they might be using the rune in the wrong way. The proper use of the rune involves precision and right timing. And once you get a grasp on how to properly utilize it, you can go from ‘zero to hero’, and an unstoppable force during a game.

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So, keep reading to know how to use the Hail of Blades in League of Legends.


Hail of Blades Effects

Now before we get to know how to properly use Hail of Blades in LoL, let us first get a glimpse of what can it do to boost your champion.

Hail of Blades is classified as an attack speed buff that becomes available if you hit an enemy champion using an auto-attack of your champion. Once it happens, it will automatically provide 110% attack speed, as well as an immunity to your champion’s attack speed cap for its next three auto-attacks.

The effects mentioned above will last for 3 seconds. You may trigger it again after an 8-second cooldown.

How to Use Hail of Blades in League of Legends

You would heavily rely on the proper timing to trigger and use Hail of Blades with your champion. If you poke or get close to an enemy champion, it is best to wait for them to use their skills first, then strike once they already consumed their skills.

This rune can be more effective against melee champions, so if you are using it, then position yourself as the main player to challenge that melee enemy champion.

Hail of Blades is recommended to be used during the early game. You can maximize its full potential to provide your team a huge lead during the early stages of the game.


Best Champions to Use Hail of Blades in League of Legends

Some of the best champions to use the Hail of Blades are those who use a good auto attack scheme, like Braum Tahm Kench. Both of these champions require a stack of auto attacks to unleash a stack effect that can be vital during battles, such as the former’s stun and the latter’s stun or swallow effect.

Tryndamere can also be a viable choice since all of his skills rely on his auto-attack which becomes more dangerous once the add-on effects are utilized.

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